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They have to lie to win

Manchin says he’s working with NRA on universal background checks. He’s lying.

Speaking of universal background checks, they won’t work and are likely unconstitutional.

And, seriously, do you think anyone giving their child or family member a gun is going to run out and do a background check?

4 Responses to “They have to lie to win”

  1. MAJMike Says:

    The universal background checks are just a backdoor approach to universal registration.

    Because I’m a law-abiding citizen with a CCL, my background is already checked and I’m on record as being a firearms owner. That said, I will not comply with any portion of DiFi’s proposed legislation.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Manchin Stepped in it, got Caught, and now is Tap-Dancing in the Mine-Field. He’s GOTTA be sweating a Senate Roll-Call Vote on Gun Control.

    Granted, he’s safe for a few years, but with Rockefeller retiring, if Manchin votes FOR Gun Control, this would go a long way to helping the Republitards gain the Rockerfeller Seat in the Senate, and keep one of his Cronies out. That is, if the Republitards don’t put an Idiot, of course.

    We shall see.

  3. Robert Says:

    1: Open NICS to anyone that *wants* to use it. Not required for P2P transactions, but for those that wish to check people they are selling to.

    2: Enter data into the system. Get back a “Yes” “No” or “No Info” result.

    3: “No Info” means that the person has placed a block on their record, so that they cannot be checked if they do not wish to be, or that no information can be found on that person.

    4: A person can also place contact info in their record that alerts them automatically whenever a check is done on them.

    5: NO RECORDS are kept from any checks, other than perhaps the total number of checks done by the system as a whole.

    6: As a compromise to our side for agreeing to this, remove restrictions on selling of firearms accross state lines in P2P transactions.

    Hey, if it “saves just one life”, it’s worth it.

  4. G.O.L.D. Says:

    Probably not a good idea to celebrate a relative’s release from prison by giving dude or homegirl a heater.