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For the record

And for people like my dad who tell me I’m stupid for not voting for Romney because of this Obama gun control push, I’ll have you know I’m glad Romney lost. At least on this issue. He’s never seen gun control he didn’t like (until he wanted to be president) and we’d have him calling for it and Republicans falling in line.


46 Responses to “For the record”

  1. David W. Says:

    Yeah but with Romney we were .0003% less likely to be murdered in our sleep over it!

  2. wizardpc Says:

    right there with you, unc.

  3. Fiftycal Says:

    Yah well, IF this Then that. We’ll never know. At least next time around I hope I have a choice instead of fascist extra vs fascist lite.

  4. Michael Curtis Says:

    Then frankly your an idiot.

    Seriously, dumbest damn thing I have ever heard from you.

    Do you not understand ANYTHING about how Washington works?

    Seriously fucking stupid

  5. mikee Says:

    GW Bush said he would sign a new assault weapons bill.

    Romney had one in Masshole.

    Sometimes when I think about it, there sure are a lot of people not thinking correctly about things.

    I hope I am not one of them.

  6. TigerStripe Says:

    GW Bush knew that one would never reach his desk. If the Republicans want to keep any relevance they will make sure one doesn’t reach Obama’s desk…


  7. tony Says:

    Yeah ,,keep telling yourself that. We are in a much worse position because of guys like you.

    Justify your actions all you want. Do you think Romney(in his first term) would be firing up his campaign apparatus to gin up public “support” for taking away our rights. Sorry, love the site, but guys like you who didn’t pull the trigger for Mitt because he was “just as bad” on guns were galactic-ally stupid.

    How’s the “winning” all you bloggers were talking about 4 month ago feel now?

  8. gosu Says:

    The major difference is not between who Romney is and who Obama is, its what isn’t seen by the naked eye: their administrations.

    I can tell you this, Romney’s administration would not be spending political capital to push for gun control. Not a chance in hell.

    Just as Eric Holder and Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano are more liberal than Obama, so too would Romney’s appointees be more conservative than him. The figurehead always appears to be more moderate and centrist than what lies beneath.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    Yeah, I’m the problem.

  10. Richard Says:

    +1. Romney would have caved and taken some Republicans with him. Game over. If the Republicans can stick together, we could stalemate this.

  11. DaveR Says:

    Agree. Politics is politics and it’s pretty much got nothing to do with party affiliation these days.

    Thank you, NRA…thanks for backing gun owners into this indefensible corner just so your CEOs could make a few $$$ over the 30 years.

  12. Crawler Says:


    Considering the fact that my TV remote control “Mute” and “Channel” buttons are going to be overused for another four years, anybody but the O’usurper would have been better as far as I and my remote control are concerned…

  13. John Farrier Says:

    Uncle’s right.

    GOP, if you want libertarian votes, you’d better earn them.

  14. Will Says:

    I voted for Mitt, but if the Republicans cave on this issue now I don’t know why I shouldn’t just throw my vote to the Libertarians.

    Does anybody know anything about the chance universal background checks have of passing? This would be de facto gun registration, and in my opinion far worse than the strictest assault weapons ban. Anyone heard of any Senate Republicans who will vote for this? All of the news media acts like “of course” private gun sales will be outlawed, but none of them discuss how the vote will break down.

  15. Bram Says:

    Romney was entirely indifferent to the gun issue. While that didn’t make me happy, it was better than a man who spent his adult life working against gun rights.

    If you don’t want a repeat, find a better candidate than Chris Christie.

  16. Gunnutmegger Says:

    Um, Reagan kinda sucked on the gun issue too, people.

    He is the reason there are no new full-auto class-3 toys available since 1986. And he supported the 1994 ban, and actively helped convince some fence-sitters to support it. One could argue that it was his actions that allowed the ban to be passed.

    Other than that he was a great president. But on guns he was bad.

  17. Dave Says:

    Yeah, people like you did wonder this election.

    You bitched before the election.
    You bitched after the election.

    Maybe your dad really is smarter than you.

  18. siggy14 Says:

    Yes, you are the problem, Uncle. Mitt wasn’t the best choice but O was worse: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. You knew how bad this president is and you voted for him anyway, and now you’re “surprised” by the move on guns. Your dad is right.

  19. Marlin Says:

    A non vote or a vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for BHO. Johnson would have had better luck running for the Senate as a Republican where he could have joined up with Rand Paul.

    So when you take to your little blog to profess that you weren’t part of the problem you most certainly weren’t part of the solution. Hell, I don’t even think you had a good grasp on what the problem was. So now you, and others, made your little statement by voting for Johnson or not voting and we get four more years of a President who will have more flexibility.

  20. John Farrier Says:

    A non vote or a vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for BHO.

    No. A vote for Romeny was a vote for Romney. A vote for Obama was a vote for Obama. A vote for Johnson. An individual can only control his own vote, so is only responsible for his own vote.

  21. Marlin Says:

    Yeah, still thinking it was something more than a two horse race. Here’s a protip for you. Stop making your kool-aid with dirty water.

  22. Gerry Says:

    If you had voted for Romney it wouldn’t make any difference because he would not be POTUS right now.

    What important is right now and what we plan to do about it.

  23. Jake Says:

    A non vote or a vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for BHO.

    Bull. Even ignoring all the other reasons that statement is wrong, the fact is that Romney lost by a greater margin than the Libertarian vote. Even if every single person who voted for Johnson had voted for Romney, Obama would still have won.

  24. SayUncle Says:

    Sorry you guys are all upset by this bit of truth. I have no preference for Obama but the Rs wouldn’t stand up to president-elect Mittens. So, for this issue, we’re better off without him.

  25. Tam Says:


    Sorry, love the site, but guys like you who didn’t pull the trigger for Mitt because he was “just as bad” on guns were galactic-ally stupid.

    Yup. If Unc had voted for Romney, then Romney might have carried Tennessee’s eleven Electoral College votes and… Oh, wait…

  26. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Well, I’ve been studying the Election Results, State by State, and even Individual Counties have filed their results. So let’s check the record. BTW, this all came from the 2013 Edition of the World Book Almanac, who got their Data from the Federal Election Commission. So the numbers are correct and factual.

    Romney: 57,319,405 Votes. Johnson: 1,153,783. Obama: 59,989,422. If ALL the Johnson Votes went to Romney, the total would be 58,473,188. But Obama would still have been ahead by 1,516,234 Votes.

    Even if you threw in all those minor Third Parties Votes, Obama would have won. But something else to think about.

    In 2008, Obama got 69,498,516 Votes to McCain”s 59,948,323.

    So in Four Years, about 10 Million Voters did NOT, repeat NOT give Obama a Second Chance. While the Republicans only held back about 2 Million. But that still leave about 60 MILLION “True Believers” who have lived through Four Years of the Obama Regime and they LIKE it. Know Thy Enemy.

    But none of that matters, because Obama wasn’t going for the Popular Vote. He went for “Just Enough” Votes in certain States to get the Electoral College numbers he needed.

    So unlike 2000, where Nader’s Greens kept Algore from getting the Presidency (contrary to the Propaganda about Bush “Stealing Florida”), Johnson’s Campaign really had no effect on the outcome.

    But unless the Republicans can come up with someone who really can be appealing to 60% of those who choose to Vote, I think the Republicans have “Maxed Out,” and they better watch their Ass come the next Mid-Terms.

    Or we’ll see Speaker Nancy Pelosi AGAIN.

    Any bets on how fast she’d push Gun Control Legislation through the House in that scenario?

  27. Guav Says:

    Wow, the haters are really coming out of the woodwork.

  28. Guav Says:

    Hey Unc, remember that time you destroyed America?

  29. Mike Says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing, Unc. Had Romney won, the Left would have been fit to be tied. Shouts of “stolen!” and “fraud!” would have been common.

    Romney’s people would have perceived an AWB and magazine restrictions as a path forward to assuage the Left, and build bridges across the political aisle for passage of other legislation desired by Romney. The Dems would have been on-board, and enough Republicans would have crossed over (in support of their Party leader) to make it happen.

    As a single issue, no, Romney would not have pursued gun control. As a means to demonstrate his “bipartisanship”, absolutely. Remember, IF he had won the election, that would have demonstrated the advantage of a Republican taking “centrist” positions: conservatives and libertarians need not apply, in other words. This would have established Romney’s bona fides as a “centrist”; the media would have sung his praises (for a while); and the GOP Establishment would have lapped up the praise like starving kittens. We would have been royally f***ed.

  30. Tam Says:

    Romney wouldn’t have been president right now, anyway.

    There would have been a petulant outgoing administration that would have taken time out of prying the “R” keys off every computer in the White House to do something especially childish and shitty to gun rights on the way out the door.

  31. Ron W Says:

    “A non vote or a vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for BHO.No. A vote for Romeny was a vote for Romney. A vote for Obama was a vote for Obama. A vote for Johnson. An individual can only control his own vote, so is only responsible for his own vote.”

    Well said, John Farrier!

    The false assertion is only true IF the Democrats and Republicans are entitled to all the votes. A big part of our many ills are because the “sheeple” masses have been stampeded into accepting such propaganda.

  32. James Says:

    +1 Uncle. Have you noticed how Bitter and Sebastian are starting to turn the corner on this?

    This base tenant of voting R/D only is why we are 15T in the hole with major erosion of civil liberties.

    Oh wait, Romney wouldn’t have limited speech, selfdefense, signing legislation involving powers not federally enumerated, etc, as fast as Obama would have.

  33. DAD Says:

    I did not imply that if Unc or other Libertarians voted for Romney that he would have won. I was only displaying my feelings that an election as important as this election was, that everyone needed to pull together and beat this man that was trying to take this country a new route, the Socialist route. Did we do that? No, Instead we do like we have been doing for the past few years, bitch to each other and do nothing.We do this while the parasites and leaches are draining the country dry. What are we doing, nothing. I remember years ago when a part of town was being taken over by drug dealers, and instead of saying, don’t go down there, that is a bad part of town. Well guess what? A bunch of people got fed up with it and went there and put a stop to it. You don’t see that today!!!! Get in line and bitch about it, BOY, that will show them. America has lost the drive in it’s citizen’s use to have. We are now like a herd of sheep…..walking around and blaaaaing all over the place and not doing a damn thing. Look at the Gay community, they make up only about 2% of the population and look what they have accomplished over the past few years. What is the percentage of the population do gun owners make up? I don’t know but it is a lot more than 2% and we are sitting around TALKING. You are correct the Republicans are not doing anything, the main reason is because the PEOPLE, are not standing up and not making enough noise to hold their feet to the fire. There were 3 million less Republicans voted this past election, where were they? Not voting because we did not have the best candidate, he was a Mormon. Oh heaven forbid The heart and soul of this nation is the people that are working and producing and providing a good life for their family’s, they are law abiding people and yet they are the ones under assault. With the main stream news media against us, we have it very hard but if people would stop bitching and organize, it may not be to late. When I say organize I don’t mean in an unlawful way ( so you ATF boys following this blog don’t misunderstand ) I mean get loud and get heard.
    My point by my comment about Gary Johnson was, you can sit around and vote for someone else or not vote because you did not like everything about a person or a party was really useless, Can you imagine if our forefathers had a weapon like you have here with this BLOG what they could have done…….Now get off your ass and do something…..ORGANIZE


  34. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Sorry Unc but that doesn’t hold water.

    Romney, as governor of an anti-gun state, signed a bill (that per Sebastian really wasn’t what it was reported as anyway) that only applied to that state (in theory reflecting the will of the electorate) from an anti-gun legislature with votes to overide, which he had no real part in proposing.

    It is asinine to think that his administration would be firing up the campaign apparatus and initiating gun control, either by calling for laws or making executive orders, with him leading a country where gun rights support is -still- in the majority even after a full court press by our enemies.

    With a Romney administration we’d be facing the same old impotent efforts going the same old nowhere in the Senate and House, that wouldn’t pass because, as the anti-gunners admit, they wouldn’t have a President calling for them and using the bully-pulpit in favor of them.

    To say we’d be in anything close to the same boat is, frankly, puerile.

    You’re smarter than this.

  35. tony Says:


    “Yup. If Unc had voted for Romney, then Romney might have carried Tennessee’s eleven Electoral College votes and… Oh, wait…”

    Sure Tam, ya got me. There obviously were no people in OH,FL,VA,or PA that had the same attitude as Unc. Nope, not one. Just people in TN. What the hell was i thinkin?

    Btw…it kinda sent a tingle down my leg to have your legendary snark directed at a comment of mine.

  36. Alien Says:

    I don’t disagree with the statements above about Romney’s leftward tilt, nor do I disagree with the presumption that Repubs in Congress would tend to ally with him on issues.

    The biggest difference, however, between O and Romney is that O doesn’t have to face another election and Romney would have wanted a second 4 years, or at least positioned the Republican party to offer a good successor to run after him in 4 years. Supporting gun control would probably have destroyed that.

    That, and Romney doesn’t suffer from O’s severe narcissism. Which, BTW, offers a clue as to how to deal with him and potentially created forced errors.

    In the meantime, heed the comment from Unc’s dad and get off your asses and put some work into retaining our rights. Anything we do to strengthen our position(s) and build a strong political structure will benefit us now and in 2014.

  37. Linoge Says:

    A non vote or a vote for Gary Johnson was a vote for BHO.

    No matter how many times imbeciles like you repeat idiocy like this, it still does not become any more true.

    Or, as I said before the election, if you have to rely on recursive logical fallacies to convince me to vote for your candidate, there is no way in hell I am voting for him.

    If the Republicans had wanted my vote, they should have put up a candidate I could support, rather than a candidate that was nothing more than an arguably better option than the current jackass.

  38. SteveA Says:

    Say it as many times as you want, if you didnt vote for romney, you are one of the reasons america is going to hell and I hope you rot in hell you sorry sons o’ bitches. Fuck you and die.

  39. SayUncle Says:

    The butthurt is strong with this one.

  40. SteveA Says:

    Hey, you admitted doing something stupid expect to get called on it.

  41. A Critic Says:

    “Divide and conquer”

    so damn easy to control the minds of the masses of morons.

    “Hey, you admitted doing something stupid expect to get called on it.”


  42. Michael Curtis Says:

    The brdt way to devide and conquor is to find people who don’t like to take responisibility to thier actions and then convince them that they are smarter than everybody else.

    After that just convince them that they are NOT a part of the masses.

    The rest they will do themselves…. Just look above me.

  43. fast richard Says:

    This entire thread illustrates what I think is an excessive focus on the presidency. I think the balance of power between the executive and legislative branches has been allowed to swing too far in favor of the executive branch. We need better legislators more than we need a better President. We need better leaders in Congress more than we need the “right” President.

    We need legislators who are willing to rein in the power of the executive branch and reassert their responsibility to make laws rather than delegating their authority to executive branch regulatory agencies.

    We need representatives who are willing to roll back the power of the federal government. This means we need better representatives at the State and Local levels. The excessive focus on the chief executive looks to me like a drift toward monarchy or tyranny. Even those who pin their hopes on Ron Paul or Gary Johnson look to me like they are falling for the desire for one ruler to be the “protector of the people”.

    The only real protection for the individual is engagement with the political process. As messy as representative government is, there is no substitute for having a legislative branch that respects the concept of limited government and divided power.

  44. Tam Says:



  45. Tam Says:

    If only Romney had won in November, then after he got inaugurated tomorrow, he’d issue an executive order to travel back in time and prevent BHO from issuing those executive orders three days ago!

    Talk about your imperial presidency!

  46. Who Says:

    Uncle, whatever helps you sleep at night. The reality is that Romney lost. You can speculate all you want about what he would or wouldn’t have done if that makes you feel better about your vote. But you can’t ignore the FACT that team Obama/Biden want to ban the AR-15 YOU own. If they get their way, you’ll never get a chance to buy another one. I sleep very well at night knowing I didn’t vote for those guys. It must be bothering you that you voted for Obama for you to blog about it.

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