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Gun Bills Filed

Jonathan Richardson has a list. It’s now time to get on the phone, email, fax, carrier pigeon or whatever and contact your federal representatives and tell them not to support gun control.

3 Responses to “Gun Bills Filed”

  1. j.c. baber Says:

    they don’t respond to emails except with a canned response,,got a letter 38 years ago from kay bailey,,shoulda kept that for inspiration,,Feinstein sent a canned response saying nothing from out of state zip code would even be considered,,supposed to write her heiness a letter and maybe she respond ha ha..our newest house reps,,cant think of the fat boy with split teeth never responded with even a canned load of crap,,you tell me sir what is the best way to be sure an opinion or belief is registerd????

  2. Mike V. Says:

    Making mental health records part of the instant check is something I can get behind and recently proposed to my State Rep.

  3. Someone You Know Says:

    Dear Uncle,

    Contact the State and Local officials, too

    Sincerely, Someone You Know


    Mike V.

    Nice idea until you’re a combat veteran, rape victim, or someone else diagnosed with a mental ‘problem’ like PTSD

    Remember, Feinstein, Bloomberg, and et al. are looking to limit our freedoms, one group at a time.