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I’d like to report a crime

Seems the DC police have a page to file a police report online. Well, I did see David Gregory break gun laws on national TeeVee.

Via reader Rob K.

3 Responses to “I’d like to report a crime”

  1. Mark Robbins Says:

    I saw David Gregory hold an illegal high capacity gun magazine on TeeVee.
    It is important that he spend the night in jail to contemplate his brazen breaking of the gun laws while you continue your investigation.
    If, as it has been reported, you were actually contacted about his plan to breat the law and recommended against it, you should recommend to the judge that he be held without bail. It would be great if the only person allowed to bail him out was Senator Diane Feinstein.

  2. Mark Robbins Says:

    Funny how they don’t have a check box for gun crimes!

  3. Robert Says:

    Everyone should report this crime.