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And in David Gregory news


You may have thought they did, but thatís because youíre stupid wingnuts who are also idiots. Just because Mr. Gregory called for more gun laws by breaking existing gun laws, that doesnít mean he should suffer the same consequences that anybody else would. Because shut up.

We should just enforce the laws on the books and arrest David Gregory. That that hasn’t happened yet shows you how serious our opponents are about gun control.

3 Responses to “And in David Gregory news”

  1. Stuart the Viking Says:

    Had one liberal “friend” say that she agreed with bans on high capacity bullet clips, but didn’t see why anyone would be dumb enough to want David Gregory arrested because he obviously didn’t do anything wrong.

    She couldn’t see any inconsistencies in her argument.


  2. Bob Barker Says:

    These people, who have for years pretended to be the intuuuuhlektewals in the debate, sure don’t have any compunction about breaking all the old debate rules.

    Ad hominem? Check!
    Appeal to authority? Check!
    Poisoning the well? Check!
    Ad misericordiam? Check!
    Ad nauseam? Check!

    The media’s talking heads are walking, breathing fallacies.

  3. Rob K Says:

    It looks like the DC police dept has an online police report filing tool. I wonder if that were flooded with reports about him, if it might get some action.

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