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DC Police Union Head: This shows laws are for little people

Seen at Emily Miller’s. Well, Mr. Baumann, go arrest him.

Also, why are the police still “investigating”. The crime has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. And occurred right next to the head of the NRA, who I’m guessing would be considered an expert witness on guns. Maybe that’s why Gregory is taking the day off.

9 Responses to “DC Police Union Head: This shows laws are for little people”

  1. Chas Says:

    If Wayne had brought that magazine in, he would have been tackled in the parking lot. The application of the law depends on which side of the table one sits on? Or is it the individual’s political views that determine if the law was broken?

  2. Old NFO Says:

    +1 on Chas… sigh

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    >Well, Mr. Baumann, go arrest him.

    He’s probably not a police officer. He may be retired or something. At least he’s not in uniform on the DC police union website.

    His group is frequently at odds (i.e. near constant bitching) with Chief Lanier (who wouldn’t be a half bad cop if she supported the RKBA [but maybe I’m just myopic after a few years of dealing with fucking criminal Charles H. Ramsey])

  4. SD3 Says:

    Impeach Diane Feinstein now!

  5. JKB Says:

    That is true, Chas.

    Think of how much fun it would have been if LaPierre had the wits about him to challenge Gregory on the air for his blatant disregard for DC’s gun laws. How is very call for more could hardly be useful when someone like Gregory willingly and publicly violates the law when it suits their purpose.

  6. SD3 Says:

    Don’t just bitch about it, sign the petition!

  7. Jeff from DC Says:

    Baumann is a sworn officer, but he is also a labor law attorney. The reason you don’t see him in a uniform on the FOP site is because you can’t mix Union statements with Departmental statements. The department has specific policies about making statements on behalf of the Department, but can’t control what statements people make on behalf of the Union. Baumann is the Chairman of the DC FOP, and the executive branch of the FOP serves as his duty assignment.

  8. Ron W Says:

    Liberals, so-called, like Gregory, violate the law with impunity when it advances gun control. They claim to support “civil rights”, but support trampling them, specifically the Bill of Rights when it comes to vilifying and criminalizing those of us who simply desire to exercise the same right to armed self-defense that they have and often exclusively exercise in violation of “the equal protection of the laws”.

    It’s reported that Gregory’s child or children attend the same private school where Obama’s attend. There they have ELEVEN armed guards, yet today Obama says that isn’t a good plan–for our children.

  9. Bryan S. Says:

    SD3, you do realize that impeachment just brings someone up on charges… it doesnt mean they are pulled from office. With the way our legislature is, she would walk easy, and it would just cost us money and valuable resources that we need to fight her bills.