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Knee jerks

Dick’s cancels Black Friday for Troy rifles after taking customers’ money.

EA removes gun shop links from gaming website.

Because this would have stopped Newtown or something.

2 Responses to “Knee jerks”

  1. Motor-T Says:

    Normally If a company did something like this, I’d call them dicks.
    I guess that wouldn’t be terribly effective here.

  2. Rivrdog Says:

    Did Troy just say in that goobledegook presser that they presold all those firearms to Dick’s at a price lower than their cost of production? That’s dumb, but might have been justified in a burgeoning market. In the end, so what?

    Can’t feel sorry for Troy here. They should now have excess production capacity for a product with excess demand. They can name their price.

    Why didn’t Troy just say that they will now make rifles at market price, and leave it at that?

    There are so many crocodile tears being shed by the entire AR industry, we should all put on life jackets before we drown.

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