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And the problem is what?

Obama administration pushes to loosen gun sales restrictions on legal immigrants. When did Breitbart turn into the dailykos?

7 Responses to “And the problem is what?”

  1. Mike Says:

    The problem is that the Administration openly expresses distrust of American citizens (“bitter clingers” and all that), but through this action display uncommon trust in foreigners (which is what legal residents are).

    See the problem?

  2. ExurbanKevin Says:

    Speaking as a legal immigrant who clings to guns, religion and single malt,


    I’m sorry, but dragging along 3 months of utility bills to my FFL every time I buy a gun when I already have my AZ. CCW is a stupid rule.

  3. j t bolt Says:

    When? When Breitbart died.

  4. Seerak Says:

    Two ways to fix the inconsistency there, Mike. Which is your pick?

  5. skidmark Says:

    So the DoJ and Obama finally decide that imposing illegal regulations is not nice, and move to comply with the law behind the regulation, and everybody goes off the deep end for all reasons except that? Somethging tells me there is a lawsuit somewhere that the DoJ/Obama saw as totally unwinable and decided it would be better to fix the problem before the courts got a chance to muck around and make them do even more.

    Still, I agree that the move is noteworthy.

    stay safe.

  6. SPQR Says:

    The people running Breitbart since Andrew’s death are clowns. See the suit by Dana Loesch.

  7. Tam Says:

    My best friend had his toter’s permit long before his U.S. citizenship papieren were in ordnung.

    The RKBA is a Human Right.