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Reflections on Newtown

From Glenn Reynolds.

2 Responses to “Reflections on Newtown”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    “Police and other first responders arrived on scene about 20 minutes after the first calls.”

    This figure needs first to be verified and then hammered home HARD.

  2. Huck Says:

    At Columbine, a Deuty Sherriff arrived about 5 minutes after the shooting started though I think that he happened to be nearby at the time. After exchanging shots with one of the killers he called for backup, which didnt arrive until almost 40 minutes later along with the SWAT team. Then the SWAT team didnt enter the school until almost a hour after that, after the killers had already offed themselves.

    I found this out while looking for info that there was a armed guard at Columbine, like the libtrash claim to support their hallucination that armed guards would’nt make schools safer, and could find no mention of one. I posted this info on Yahoo forums to point out that there was NO armed guard at Columbine and that relying on the police to quickly respond and save the day dos’nt work and, surprise! surprise! Yahoo deleted the post.