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DC Police Investigate David Gregory

You’ll recall he went and broke DC gun laws on national TV by possessing a regular capacity AR magazine on the air where they are illegal, while clamoring for more gun laws. Well, seems he’s being investigated for it. Good. Felony charge and let him live under the laws he proposes.

However, I don’t expect much. You’ll recall when I went on about the Boston Globe’s Steve Bailey writing an article in which, if the events occurred as he alleged, meant he broke gun laws. He and his counterpart, John Rosenthal, backtracked quickly which meant either the article was bullshit or they were criminals. They were “investigated” too but nothing ever came of it. I won’t hold my breath here.

12 Responses to “DC Police Investigate David Gregory”

  1. MAJMike Says:

    Laws are for the “little people”.

  2. Gregg Says:

    Should at least show that if a law abiding citizen such as Mr. Gregory can easily “break the law” to get these items under current laws then the criminals should have no problem breaking any law.

  3. Weer'd Beard Says:

    To be fair Bailey and Rosenthal didn’t actually BREAK any laws…they just claimed to, because “its so easy”.

  4. Alien Says:

    If he’s not charged, and given the evidence and available testimony – broadcast-quality video, Wayne LsaPierre sitting four feet away and a dozen or so technical staff in the studio – the the Chief of Police, and Hizzoner the Mayor, should publicly explain why such laws are applied with draconian regularity to the little people but His Royal Highness Gregory gets to skate.

    Emily Miller, call your office!

  5. Phssthpok Says:

    It’s a win-win. Either a sanctimonious twat gets his come-uppance, or we are presented with yet another data point for our ‘we have enough laws, we just need to enforce them’ argument.

    The only way this could get better would be if it were Piers Morgan, Sara Brady, or one of the babbling heads from CSGV.

    Much as I loathe the NRA (for not going far enough in defense of our rights), I would have handed over at least a one year membership if Wayne LaPierre had whipped out his cellphone, dialed 911 and reported the crime live on air.

  6. wizardpc Says:

    I’m calling the spin now:

    “See how easy it is to break the law? We were just making a journalistic point! MAKE IT ILLEGALER!”

  7. Harold Says:

    Not likely to happen when due to its special nature the Feds, i.e. Holder’s men, are the only ones who can prosecute him, whatever the D.C. police recommend.

  8. John Smith. Says:

    Isn’t that a Felony in DC??

  9. Jeff from DC Says:


    You are incorrect. The Feds wouldn’t handle this, MPD would…will it make it past the USAO is a better question.

  10. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    What if he goes to jail and Alan Gura takes his case?

  11. LKP Says:

    “I would have handed over at least a one year membership if Wayne LaPierre had whipped out his cellphone, dialed 911 and reported the crime live on air.”

    That would have been totally awesome!

  12. Harold Says:

    Jeff, the MPD can do an investigation, and I assume can recommend prosecution, but as you implicitly acknowledge, only the USAO can prosecute … and they work for Holder.

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