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Hey, I know that guy

Someone you know is on TV

4 Responses to “Hey, I know that guy”

  1. HL Says:

    I wish someone would make my AR15 into an ACR. I realize it is picking at nits, but Christ.

    When he fired his AR whilst gripping it by the magwell, I heard Tacticool Fanboys all over the interwebz cry out in anger. How outre`.

  2. countertop Says:

    I really doubt that 3 million number. Would be shocked its not much higher than that.

  3. John Richardson Says:

    I’m glad that they used Gene for this interview. He looks like the guy next door and not some TactiCool wannabe operator.

    I wonder if CBS knew he was the chairman of the CalGuns Foundation when they aired this.

  4. Gene Hoffman Says:

    I’m pretty sure they were aware but it wasn’t all that germaine to the points they were making.


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