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Obama Press Conference On Restricting Gun Rights

Live blogged. Didn’t watch it myself but I’m guessing I know how it went.

18 Responses to “Obama Press Conference On Restricting Gun Rights”

  1. Sid Says:

    His plan is to try to make stuff illegal in the hopes that criminals and mentally insane individuals will not attempt anything illegal.

    Should work.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Can’t watch him at all. I like to keep my Food down.

  3. John Smith Says:

    Oh come on, he is the man of the year… our Obamasiah… 🙁

  4. Patrick Says:

    Here is a video of an awesome two year old giving Obama her two cents.

  5. ben Says:

    Apparently the appointment to a blue ribbon panel is a delay tactic that will take the momentum out of the entire thing. Obama effectively killed the rush to an AWB and Harry Reid is helping in that regard too.

    I think they understand that guns just don’t matter compared to the bigger socio-economic fish they want to fry.

  6. rickn8or Says:

    ben, more like “If somebody’s gotta take a big ol’ sloppy wet lick of that third rail, I’d much rather it be Uncle Joe than me.”

  7. Jake Says:

    I fully expect that on the very first day the new Congress goes into session we’ll see a “we have to pass it to see what’s in it” AWB bill, a la Obamacare, and they’ll try and push it through overnight, just like Obamacare.

    Biden’s panel serves two purposes: 1) It give the illusion that Obama is “doing something” while he waits for the new session; and b) it creates the illusion (despite the fact that Feinstein or another Brady shill has floated a new AWB pretty much every single year since the last one expired) that the anti-Rights cultists in his ranks didn’t have the forthcoming bill already drafted and just waiting for a big enough tragedy to have a chance at being passed.

  8. Richard Says:

    I enjoyed that the first 3 questions were about the fiscal cliff.

  9. Rob Crawford Says:

    On the other hand, given Biden’s competence and mental capability, we’re likely to see a bill banning gnus.

  10. Smince Says:

    LOL…amen to that, Rob. I have been calling for a ban on gnus ever since The Great Space Coaster.

  11. Huck Says:

    The antis refuse to see what the real problem is. The creation and stubborn maintaining of these “gun free safe zones” that are only “safe” for sickos that want to commit mayhem in a risk free environment.

    In a nutshell, our so called lawmakers have handed sickos safe free fire zones on a silver platter in the guise of “safety” and as long as these exist, tragedies like Newtown will continue to happen.

  12. Firehand Says:

    Ran across this:
    Looks like a lot of people think Obama doesn’t really want to deal with the fallout.

    Of course, we need to keep hitting back hard, just in case.

  13. SPQR Says:

    You should have watched it. It was quintessential Obama … he couldn’t lead a cop to a donut shop.

  14. vanrana Says:

    Why do people in this country turn to BO to solve the problem of violence in this country? Why do they turn to the most inept president in our history to protect their children from mass killers? With the entire US military at his disposal, this clown could not even protect a US ambassador, how can we expect him to protect millions of innocent students throughout the country? Immediately following the Newtown tragedy, what is his first action? Investigate the root cause of such violence? Train and arm teachers so they can actually protect their students? No, his first action is to form a committee to strip law-abiding citizens of the means to defend themselves and their families against such heinous violence.

  15. j c baber Says:

    i did not watch it or much news any more,little truth and a lot of stilted opinions….HAVE THERE BEEN ANY STORIES OR CREDIBLE REPORTS ON HOW THE LATE MISS LANZA HAD HER FIREARMS STORED AND DID SHE GIVE HER SON ACCESS TO THEM IF THEY WERE UNDER LOCK AND KEY.IF NOT STORED PROPERLY THEN SHE IS IN MANY WAYS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER OWN SHOOTING DEATH AND THE CHILDREN AT SCHOOL. but as angry as he was he would have killed mom in some manner and perhaps the school children also

  16. Mu Says:

    Don’t underestimate Obama’s intelligence, people made the same error with Clinton. You don’t make it from middle class to President by being an idiot.
    He knows he while he has to give “gun-rights” democrats a stage to show their willingness to discuss gun control he can’t make them put their vote behind anything real if he doesn’t want to jeopardize their reelection (and getting himself in the same kind of doodoo that Clinton was in in his last 2 years with a hostile congress). So he lateraled the ball to Biden, who will study the issue, will come up with some form of assault rifle ban and a ban on magazines with 10+ rounds, and sometime in the spring that will fail in the house, allowing the Senate to pass on a vote. More blustering from Feinstein &Co, and more water under a bridge.

  17. comatus Says:

    Could Mel Tillis help him with that stutter? They should cancel the private screening of Lincoln and show The King’s Speech instead. And his sssssssibilants, jeeze. Man should stick to writing. I hear he’s good at that.

  18. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Why would anyone trust this dumbass, whether he’s stupid or evil, with anything in any context unless their intentions are inimical to our best interests. What’s the over/under on how many pages this bill will have that we have to pass to find out what’s in it? I’d figure about 1000 pages. They come for mine I’ll give them the bullets first.

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