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NRA issues statement

Well said.

Update: Their website is getting hammered, here’s their facebook link. Or, getting my copy and paste on:

The NRA is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown. Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

20 Responses to “NRA issues statement”

  1. Freiheit Says:

    NRA-ILA site is getting hammered right now.

  2. Bryan S Says:

    Someone needs to mirror that, because nothing I have will connect to it.

  3. Barron Barnett Says:

    It’s also worth noting that they will be having a press conference on December 21st. I didn’t see a time though.

  4. Chris Says:

    As a NRA instructor, I called them today asking them why they were not already out there… Why their members have basically been left high and dry with no backing for 5 days to fight all the idiot antis online.

    Felt bad for the guy on the phone, I imagine this week has been fun for him.

  5. Michael Says:

    Very classy response.

    The problem is that nice guys finish last, even if you have all the facts and decency on your side, just ask Mitt Romney.

    The other side is vaulgar, dishonest and sensationalist. They acknowledge they set their aim on “low information voters”.

    The NRA hs been so vigorously vilified, that they probably aren’t the best public spokesman. It is too easy for those who want to, to dismiss their arguments out of hand. But my question is, who is our side’s Sandra Fluke? Where is our Dan Rather?

  6. Says:

    We are an idea and a culture. We are more than just the NRA.

  7. BenC Says:

    I am not sure I trust their “meaningful contributions” I worry the will sell us out for the “greater good.”

  8. emdfl Says:

    #7 – Certainly wouldn’t be the first time…

  9. Mike E Says:

    I agree with BenC, I am not sure that I trust their “meaningful contributions”.

  10. Grego Says:

    While I am nervous about their “meaningful contributions” , considering past history, I also recognize that many of the things they did that I dislike would have been sound strategic decisions to stave off a greater defeat. Knowing the future, some of them don’t look like it now, but back then, I can see where the logic was (even if it was wrong)

  11. Sebastian Says:

    I think the “meaningful contributions” is a hook to get more media there. Whether we want to admit it or not, the media is still important (if that weren’t the case, we’d be worried about how President Elect Romney was going to handle this nightmare).

    If NRA is going to affect the narrative, it will need to get every eyeball on it. If it turns out to be a preemptive capitulation, even I’ll slam them, because that will be a dumb strategy.

  12. Jim Scrummy Says:

    Hopefully they will be bringing a boatload of facts to the table? Oh, such as the 20 year decline in the number of murders and murder rate. That happened with an increase in gun ownership. Not a 1 to 1 cause/effect relationship, but a very important nugget to drive home. Oh and CT have an AWB, too.

  13. Frank Says:

    Join JPFO at much better at defining the issues, and much less likely to throw us under the bus for the “greater good”.
    I’m an NRA life member, BTW.

  14. teke Says:

    I’m With BenC. I sent them an message stating as much as to what “Meaningful Contributions” means and what it signals to the other side. Especially with their silence.

    We are out here without the big voice in the room that is a consolidated representation of us speaking up for us.

  15. teke Says:

    On a separate not maybe their hoping the Mayan Calendar thing turns out to be true and there won’t be anyone left to hold a press conference for.

  16. kbiel Says:

    I think “meaningful contributions” means that they’ll allow the Second Amendment Foundation to take then lead and then the NRA will swoop in and take all of the credit.

  17. Captain Holly Says:

    We are facing the biggest threat to gun rights in 20 years, and all you girls can do is bad-mouth the NRA?

    You guys must be Brady Campaign trolls.

  18. Expat Says:

    Got news. We can’t rely on the NRA for this one, folks. It’s too big, with too much precious blood in the streets for the Antis to dance in.

    As we gripe about where’s the NRA or rush out to buy whatever’s left on the shelves before the next round of bans, we gotta ask ourselves what we, as individual members of the gun community are doing from the grass-roots perspective.

    I’ve gotta be honest. I’ve been trying to organize folks I know up here in Alaska and all I’m getting so far are cricket chirps.

    Be seen. Be heard. Encourage others and continue to try and organize to show that we are a substantial and respectable part of our communities and the constituencies of our legislators.

  19. Caleb Says:

    Join JPFO at much better at defining the issues, and much less likely to throw us under the bus for the “greater good”.

    And how many pieces of meaningful legislation has JPFO gotten passed, ever?

  20. mike Says:

    With respect to Frank, no one really even knows who JPFO is. They don’t do politics. They don’t lobby. They don’t pass progun legislation or defeat antigun legislation.

    There’s a reason the media and politicians talk about the NRA and that’s because they are the big fish in this debate.

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