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NRA goes radio silent

On their social media sites. And not making any press appearances. I’m guessing that, unlike they’re political opponents, it’s out of respect for the dead.

But I don’t know that it’s good marketing. Of course, it could be because they’re in fear for their lives.

4 Responses to “NRA goes radio silent”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Anything they say will be twisted. It doesn’t matter if it’s just “We express sympathy for the families involved in this tragedy” because even that would get turned into “SEE THEY TOTALLY ADMIT IT’S THEIR FAULT!!!”

  2. Ron W Says:

    But the fascists can exploit the deaths of children;their elite ruling class members protected by many “assualt weapons” while keeping schools and the children in well-advertised gun free zones. This is despicably evil.

  3. nobody Says:

    If they posted anything at all, they would be accused of politicizing the event.

  4. mmasse Says:

    As soon as the gun grabbers mention their play is when the NRA should be in full swing. Saying nothing accomplishes nothing, what they did no matter how respectful it appears will be considered as weakness. They had better come out swinging in the press conference otherwise many will be many considering dropping their membership.

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