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How calls for gun control work

At 5:30 AM I showed 9,330 units on hand, when the order was received (at 5:00 PM) the quantity available was zero. My distributor reported over 70,000 Magpul PMags were sold last weekend alone.

11 Responses to “How calls for gun control work”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    I will confess to panic-buying some AR mags yesterday on lunch.

    I wasn’t the only one there, either.

  2. Tim Says:

    Be-jebus, what happened? Been votin’ fer demukrats, agin?

  3. DevsAdvocate Says:

    Dammit! How am I gonna get a hold of SCAR-17 mags for my new purchase??? Ugh.

  4. Ron Says:

    Midway USA shows 30 rnd black M2 PMags in stock, limit 2.

    Some 30 rnd AR Stoner in stock as well, also a limit of 2.

    Cabella’s also shows them in stock “on sale” for $14.99, description says 30 end, but 20 rnd pictured.

    Brownells, Nachez, Cheaper Than Dirt, Palmetto Armory, etc. are out of stock / back order.

    as of 1:23 pm Eastern 12/18/12

  5. aerodawg Says:

    Think mags are scarce, try finding a quality bolt carrier group for an AR…

  6. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    Brownells is out of Pmags? Wow, that was fast. I placed a sizeable order on Friday – coincidentally, I had not heard of the school thingy until around 5:00 PM – and got my e-mail today that it was shipped.

    Must have been divine intervention or something; having lived through 1986 and 1994, maybe my subconscious saw the panic-buying coming.

    I do remember thinking on Saturday that perhaps I might not get that order, and also that I’d hate to be working in the shipping department of Brownells, Midway, et al.

  7. Tim Says:

    “…I might not get that order…”

    It’s that time of year, brother. Things *do* get “lost” in the mail from time to time. Especially nice stuff.

    Where’d you say you live again? 😉

  8. DAve Says:

    Most important essay on gun control in the last ten years: It’s a must-read. Read it and more importantly share.

  9. Seerak Says:

    Brownells had a 10 for $99 shipped deal on PMAGs that morning. Saw it on Slickdeals, went to grab a set, they’d pulled the plug already.

  10. Jim Scrummy Says:

    I might have purchased some, then again might not have:-)

  11. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    Yep, got my PMags today…along with a few other goodies. Hard to believe that they are currently fetching 10sx what I paid for them as I open the box, and no, I’m not selling any. I’m pretty sure those I have should last me through the rest of my life if I’m careful with them. It is with sweet sorrow thinking that I ordered them before the ‘big news’ that affected us all.

    Frankly, talking with every customer I can get to converse at a crazy gun store, there’s a lot of yahoos buying up just so they can re-sell at higher prices – vultures! And there’s no bet that post-ban one will be able to make such a transfer, as in California where if you own one you will be the last such owner by design of the legislation; no grandfathering.

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