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Just one more!

I thought that people would at least let the bodies cool before politicizing the mass murder of a bunch of children. In the instant information age, I guess that’s not the case. Apparently, we’re to now have a “national discussion” on gun control. Again. We already did and you lost. But here you go. This happened in a state with some of the nation’s strictest gun laws.

A 20 year-old had a couple of handguns (illegal). And, depending on the press report, had an assault weapon (illegal), automatic rifle (illegal), or machine gun (illegal). Shot his mom in the face (illegal). Stole his mom’s vehicle (illegal). Transported the gun in the vehicle (illegal) within 1,000 feet of a school (illegal). Carried it onto school property (illegal). Broke and entered (illegal). Carried a gun in a school (illegal). Discharged a firearm (illegal). Shot at people (illegal). Killed some people (illegal). Killed himself (not sure if illegal).

And I’m sure broke other laws I’m not aware of. But, you know, one more gun law ought to do it. Right?

Also, the semi-automatic 5.56 or machine gun or automatic rifle or assault weapons (depending on the source) was much vilified as news of the shooting broke. But that weapon remained in the car.

In the first few hours of a major event, the press will get substantially everything wrong. Other than ‘there was a school shooting’, everything I heard on the news yesterday turned out to be false.

26 Responses to “Just one more!”

  1. Wolfman Says:

    It gives people an excuse to attack us, though, which is what the left really wants anyway. In an ap story today, our rights were called into question in two war zones, a handful of countries that dont like us, and another handful that already neutered themselves. Classy. The only one I’ll give a pass to is the Franciscan monk.

  2. Wolfman Says:

    Sorry, bad form on that. Thought I still had the direct link in clipboard.

  3. Chas Says:

    “A knife-wielding man slashed 22 children and an adult at an elementary school in central China on Friday . . .”

    Same day.,0,5592318.story

  4. Wolfman Says:

    AND this is the latest in a string of school attacks in China going back at least two years. Whatever is going on in the minds of these pieces of filth is not limited by culture or nation.

  5. Instinct Says:

    I actually had someone tell me that the attacks in China were not even close to being the same since the kids didn’t die and a gun wasn’t used.

    Yep, if it’s not a gun death it doesn’t count.

  6. Wolfman Says:

    The reality of the situation is that the Portland shooting was way overblown- thank god it only killed two, but it will be linked to the Denver massacre because ZOMG GUNZ. In the same way, people use Columbine to call for a new AWB, even though that took place while the ban was in effect AND was committed with ban-compliant guns. In the same vein, any act committed with a firearm here in the states (whether domestic, drug related, even a legit self-defense shooting) is decried as ‘gun violence’ while the subway stabber in Japan last year isnt even remembered. The only note is that Japan has ‘extremely low gun violence’. So does Rwanda.

  7. Jesse Says:

    The guy stabbed 22 kids, but didn’t kill any? Clearly the intent was much different in his case, though the outrage should be the same.

  8. Ted N Says:

    We just need bigger stickers this time!

  9. Crotalus Says:

    Hell, the shooting wasn’t even over before some of the Bloody Dansers Macabre got wind of it and started their evil dance.

  10. Jake Says:

    They can’t afford to wait. The anti-Rights agenda cannot withstand calm, reasoned, logical analysis, so their only effective arguments are based in fear and horror. They need to strike while the emotions are fresh, and they can get the biggest return on their fear-mongering.

  11. JJR Says:

    I’m just gonna put this here…

    I have Asperger’s syndrome. The perp may or may not have had an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I hope not, but even if he did, he does not in any way represent the ASD community. I’m a bit touchy when reporters seemingly develop divine-like insight to diagnose ASD’s on the spot; Best wishes to the police investigators in their ongoing work to establish all the facts of the case. I remember when this DX was bandied about for the Aurora shooter as well, when it turned out that Schizophrenia was the more likely culprit, last I heard.

    I own a Glock and an AR-15 (Sig Sauer are too rich for my blood), but I also have a steady job that I like that is full time and am a contented, easy-going person who likes to target shoot and used to be into IPDA. Should I be disarmed in the interest of public safety? I think that goes too far.

  12. Crotalus Says:

    As far as the press getting everything wrong, it appears that they still are. Reportedly, the rifle was left in the car. But Yahoo’s latest blurb says that the coroner said that the dead were killed with close-up rifle shots. WTF?

  13. rickn8or Says:

    JJR, thank you for the input. Both my grandsons (7 & 9) are ASD and writing like yours gives me hope that they’ll both one day be mainstream.

    But demonizing ASD and depressives and other mild forms is not going to encourage them to come forward and ask for treatment. I suppose that’s not important though, if gun bans are the result.

  14. Ron W Says:

    The President, NYC Mayor Bloomberg and others say we need “meaningful action” now, yet it will NOT include ending these gun-free zones where all the mass murders occur. They enjoy armed protection, while making sure that our public school children are and stay unprotected!! Their solution will be to further restrict and disarm the rest of us! This is incredibly evil!

  15. SteveA Says:

    So let me get this straight,we can’t blame all muslims for what muslim terrorists do, but we can blame the 99.999% of legal firearm owners for what the 0.001% do?
    I will never understand the liberal mind(or the organ they have in place of said brain)

  16. dustydog Says:

    When I hear about a kid shooting his mom, I wonder if she was a horrible mom. When I hear the mom was a unionized school teacher, I think it is more likely she was a horrible mom.

    If that is the case, the Media will never tell us. There will never be a Call For Teacher Reform. We will never have a Serious National Dialog about horrible mothers messing their kids up badly enough that the kid’s brother gives a vague diagnosis of mental illness, and the kid is messed up enough to kill a room full for first graders.

    If a woman is murdered, the cops immediately jack up her husband/boyfriend, assuming he did it. Likewise, when a son kills a mom – the assumption should be she was a contributor.

  17. shovelDriver Says:

    See the discussion on Redditt, where I said “read Just One More”.

  18. shovelDriver Says:

    Sorry, messed up the formatting.

  19. Chris L. Says:

    Sunday morning and the media is Still doing the Mexican Hat Dance on the victims bodies. Maybe we should be having a “national discussion” on that kind of tragedy. Disgusting!

  20. Chas Says:

    Criminals ignore gun laws, the law-abiding don’t. Guess who wins.

  21. Billy Beck Says:

    “…that weapon remained in the car.”

    I think that’s an error. The medical examiner said in his press conference yesterday that all the wounds came from that .223.

  22. Billy Beck Says:

    (ooops — tag)

  23. SayUncle Says:

    Not sure. Conflicting reports. Will be interesting to see.

  24. Seerak Says:

    The reality of the situation is that the Portland shooting was way overblown- thank god it only killed two, but it will be linked to the Denver massacre because ZOMG GUNZ.

    No, it will be ignored because ZOMG CCW HOLDER kept the body count too low.

  25. blounttruth Says:

    CNN reports as well as NY post that the shooters .223 rifle was found in his car, and on Sunday the coroner reported that all dead suffered wounds from a .223. Eyewitnesses outside of the school that could hear the shooting never reported a suspect leaving the school to return his rifle to his car, and he did himself in with one of two pistols he had on him. How did the rifle get back into his car, and who were the other two suspects taken into custody, one of which there is video of being chased and detained in the woods behind the school? This all stinks to high heaven. To add insult to injury the common factors between the school shooter and the batman shooter were that both of their fathers were set to testify in the Libor scandal. Do not use occam’s razor on this one, it goes too far down the rabbit hole.

  26. Damon T Says:

    The next report from the mainstream media will be….. The shooter was armed with an m-16 with a 203 grenade launcher and an m-60 machine gun and just returned from Colorado where he smoked a shitload of weed.

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