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“Shut up!”, he explained

Piers Morgan, who used to judge a reality show, is now judging a non-reality show. Here, he debates the Second Amendment Foundation‘s Alan Gottlieb. He uses all of the classic anti-gun tactics:

proof by vigorous assertion
lies, gets caught lying, repeats the lie
talking over his opponent
Gets question answered, asks again only with more dickery and shut up!

Anyway, the correct answer to why do you need an AR-15? is because fuck you. Or, the more politically correct version because I can. You see, Piers, you don’t get a say in what I own or what I do. End of story.

14 Responses to ““Shut up!”, he explained”

  1. UTLaw Says:

    Alan never called Pierce on his first falsehood. At the very beginning, Alan explained that the AR usually shoots a .22 caliber round that is less powerful than most hunting rifles and Pierce said, “That’s just not true in either of these cases and you know it.”

    He should have rubbed Morgan’s nose in that one right then and there. Considering the rest of the interview was going to be “reasoned discourse,” showing Morgan to be that horribly ignorant of the subject at hand would have been a good way to try to take momentum early on.

  2. mikee Says:

    No new arguments since the run up to Heller. None. Nothing improved or corrected or made more sensible.

    The intellectual bankruptcy of the anti-gun, anti-rights bigots continues apace.

  3. The Sen. Says:

    Piers got crushed!!!

  4. motomed Says:

    “MY SHOW!”

    lol, I love that this dude is becoming the face of the anti’s!!! I want to support his show in every way possible! as long as this is the best they have to offer, I’m sleeping well…

  5. Sebastian Says:

    He just needs to shut his fucking mouth and get on the first plane back to the UK is he wants to live in a society with gun control.

  6. The Duck Says:

    Well as usual the anti’s use emotions, rather than reason

  7. Bruce S. Says:

    People still watch CNN? Amazing.

  8. Michael Hawkins Says:

    It holds a hundred rounds a minute …

  9. Huck Says:

    This brings to mind a jewel that Tam posted a while back and that I found to be worth saving.

    “Listening to media personalities and politicians pontificating on firearms and firearms laws is like listening to eighth graders pontificate on sex.
    They sure don’t let lack of any first hand knowledge dampen their enthusiastically-held opinions.”

  10. Huck Says:

    If more people did what the Diceman did in this CNN “interview” I’ll bet that there’d be at lot less in your face comments and stupid questions by the anchor.

  11. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Sorry Sebastian, but I think Piers may not want to go near England, since he was Investigated for the Hacking Scandal over there, and the Probing is still going on.

  12. Bubblehead Les Says:

    But I agree with your Sentiment 100%.

  13. Dennis Says:

    Not my quote, but it applies.

    “So making guns illegal will get them out of bad guys hands and off the streets. I guess we should make heroine and meth illegal too!”

  14. Jeff Powell Says:

    I am a Canadian with a firearms license. There is no 60 day waiting limit.I bought my shotgun and received it the same day.

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