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I hope so

The TSA as we know it is dead

3 Responses to “I hope so”

  1. Mike Says:

    Uh, huh.

    Wanna buy a bridge I got in Brooklyn? Real cheap, too. Cash only, please.

  2. spud Says:

    Budget cuts ?
    Well , here’s 8 Billion right off the top that the whole country would cheer about.

  3. Kristophr Says:

    The article is spot on.

    If the TSA was being properly run, the only time the public would see a TSA uniform is when some punk with ties to a terrorist organization tries to board a plane.

    El Al wrote the book on this. Buy an El Al ticket, and you sign a waiver allowing them to investigate you.

    The underwear bomber tried a weaponless dry run on an El Al flight. They put a Jewish US veteran in the seat next to him, and issued him a flare pistol with a low pressure 12 gauge birdshot round … who spent the entire flight glaring at him while he kept his hand in his jacket pocket.

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