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Not sure if serious

A stabilizing brace for AR-15 pistols:

On the one hand, you’re not forking out the NFA tax. On the other, is that really how you’d want to fire an AR? On the third hand, you have an AR-15.

Update: To be clear given my tendency to leave out whole sentences, this is a prosthetic device for those without the use of an arm. But I’m thinking of its application otherwise, which I would think would be the majority of folks who would get one.

19 Responses to “Not sure if serious”

  1. Ry Jones Says:

    It’s a prosthetic, for people that are down a hand or arm.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Yes but I’m doubting that would be the primary purchaser.

  3. Wolfman Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these with a press out sling.

  4. Sendarius Says:

    OK, let’s say you are minus one wing.

    How the hell do you fit that thing to your only arm?

  5. Bryan S. Says:

    Teeth. Strong ones, at that. How do you pull back the charging handle? Balls of steel.

  6. Ritchie Says:

    I always considered the AR shortie/pistol a solution looking for just the right problem, at least in the civvie world. On further consideration, maybe not so much. Who makes a shoulder rig for these?
    How do you pull back the charging handle? Bite loop. A racker big enough to work on the corner of a wall or edge of a table. You have to be alive to fix the furniture.

  7. Wolfman Says:

    Academically, at least, standard single point sling mounts should fit this, I think (not having a black rifle, I dont know if they attach at the stock or the buffer tube). Then its just a matter of shortening the single point to the right length to push against it. My only worry would be 1) if I had one of these, and also another black rifle, and a spare collapsible buttstock, would an overzealous officer consider that constructive possession and 2) would same overzealous officer consider a sling, used in that manner, to be conducive to a shoulder fired weapon. Either way, this particular manner (the wrist rocket thing) looks about more than half useless.

  8. AK™ Says:

    I wonder which “action star” from Hollywood will have these in their next sequel installment.

    I know Milla’s character from the Resident Evil series would benefit from a pair of these on her forearms.

  9. Bram Says:

    That looks like it would be rather unpleasant to shoot. I’ve grown beyond shooting unpleasant guns to prove something.

  10. Alex Says:

    I’m very serious about the product and so are the guys using it! You all would be surprised how someone with any kind of handicap compensates and overcomes…especailly when it comes to a hobby like shooting! But you have to remember that some people with serious injuries will always require help of some sort, which may indeed be assisting them with attachement and removal of the straps. But I assure you that once attached, they finally have control of this weapon and dont compromise saftey at the range by having to dangerously muscle the gun around. It also helps with accuracy to those who have no handicap. Thanks for the comments good and bad!

  11. NotClauswitz Says:

    It’s not just a missing-wing thing, it could be a geek’s carpel-tunnel, or arthritis, a burn, or any number of hand/arm related problems.
    In the 50’s when the first Wrist-Rocket® slingshot appeared with a wrap-around wrist-brace (as opposed to the old timey “Tom Sawyer” Y-shaped stick), it was a huge breakthrough in projectile launching.
    And now a bunch of rear-sights for 1911’s and Glocks are being made that you can cock against a door-frame or even your belt.

  12. Jeff From DC Says:

    Merle Dixon!

  13. Geodkyt Says:

    Wolfman — the answer to your sling attachment question is, “Yes”. {grin}

    Some attach on the stock, some attach to a sling loop that is built into the faceplate* around the buffer tube that the castle nut holds against the receiver.

    * (AR15 nomenclature pedants, DESIST! I am using non-technical phrasing, so a guy who admittedly wouldn’t know the tech terms will grok it. {chuckle})

  14. Mike Says:

    Does the BATFEIEIO know about this?

    ‘Cause I smell a regulatory re-definition of “shoulder stock” in the offing….

  15. Geodkyt Says:

    They’ll never win that argument — been played before.

    There was a time when I considered getting a “pistol” lower so I could have a true M4 upper for side by side testing. Then I found out about flash suppressors that (when permanetly attached) are long enough extensions to make a 14.5″ barrel a nice non-NFA 16″ long. So, if the “M4” urge ever gets strong enough to justify spending the bucks but not the $200 registration tax and PITA transport regs, I’ll do it that way. {grin}

  16. CaptainVictory Says:

    “[T]his is a prosthetic device for those without the use of an arm.” Which makes your “on the third hand” comment cut so very deeply. :*-(

  17. Chas Says:

    I get the feeling that I’m not getting this. If it goes on a stump, how does the trigger get pulled?

  18. bobby Says:

    Jeff From DC >FTW< with the Walking Dead reference!

  19. Geodkyt Says:

    Chas — it goes on the hand that still has a finger.

    Holding an AR one handed out at arm’s length for extended periods is extremely fatiguing, to the point of being a safety hazard. Even pistols.

    Strapping it to the forearm AND holding with teh hand mitigates this somewhat.