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So, this guy has ripped some people off on the internets. $500 reward for his identity.

One Response to “RangerRanger98”

  1. countertop Says:

    So, there’s a web page accusing a guy of not just bad manners online but sufficient levels of mail fraud as well as a serious federal firearms violation to trigger at least the possibilitu of a criminal RICO action. And what’s more, he works at a bank (which is supposed to run background checks on employees for criminal bahavior) and indeed used the banks facilities and assets I furtherance of his crimes.

    Which begs the question, have they reported him to not only the bank which is his emplyer (and who may very well carry some level of liability here) and to the FBI, Post office and local police forces?

    Seems to me thy if this is real that’s the prudent first step, not just putting up a random post on a blog.