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Turns out, it won’t make the half men

Charlie Sheen threatened to blow someone’s head off with his Benelli shotgun, which is unpossible given that:

he’s likely an unlawful user of drugs
likely a felon
been convicted of domestic assault

Well, we could go on. Anyway, the funny part is that a Benelli rep tells TMZ that, no, their shotgun won’t actually blow someone’s head off.

2 Responses to “Turns out, it won’t make the half men”

  1. DropCrate Says:

    Great. Now I have to rethink my whole fantasy football zombie weapon load out.

  2. Geodkyt Says:

    Love the Benelli guy, “. . . the gun company tells TMZ, the worst damage their gun can do is ‘leave a really big hole.’

    “A rep for Benelli USA — which manufactures the famed Super 90 shotgun — tells TMZ, the semi-automatic shotgun might also just ‘make a lot of smaller holes,” depending on the distance.'”


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