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Post election and guns

How’d the second amendment do on election day?

What will happen? Not much.

One Response to “Post election and guns”

  1. Mike Says:

    The danger lies not in Congressional legislation. The danger lies in Executive Orders and anti-gun regulations. On that front, I expect to see a LOT of action.

    After all, the mini-Dream Act that Obama enacted by EO recently was blatantly illegal. Everyone in DC knows this; hell, even he admitted it a few months before he went ahead with it anyway. He’s come out in favor of doing what he wants “without Congress”.

    What makes you think guns are any different? If he wants an AWB that Congress won’t give him, he’ll simply decree that it be law; it will become so, and life will go on. WHAT is to stop him?

    Oh, and before you say “Democrats losing seats in 2014”, understand one thing: Obama doesn’t give a damn about anyone but Obama. He’s got his, and the Dems can go piss up a rope, as far as he’s concerned.