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Be sure of your target and what’s behind it

Memphis SWAT officer tries to shoot a dog. Hits fellow officer instead.

6 Responses to “Be sure of your target and what’s behind it”

  1. Scott_K Says:

    That’s odd – the dog was such a threat it needed to be shot, but the article didn’t mention the severe bite & scratch wounds that the officers must have suffered due to the failure to kill the dog.

    Anyone know how to spell Schadenfreude?

  2. Phelps Says:

    Glad to see that the dog was unhurt.

  3. Ted N Says:

    Lucky dog, stupid cop.

  4. mike w. Says:

    You kill enough innocent dogs and eventually karma bites ya in the ass.

  5. Ellen Says:

    Here we have a quandary: is the cop home free for shooting somebody, just because cops always are? Or is he doomed for shooting a cop?

    Developments will be interesting.

  6. Disavowed With Honor Says:

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