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And in TN election news

Republicans take super majority in both houses. They’ll have a quorum if all Democrats fail to show up. Now, they could actually do some thing decent with this but I’m guessing they’ll continue their trend of proposing laws that get our state made fun of on late night TV.

10 Responses to “And in TN election news”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Any chance of this getting Constitutional Carry passed for ya?

  2. Robb Allen Says:

    “Visit TN – There won’t be any Stoned Queers getting Abortions!”

  3. wizardpc Says:



    In fact, expect absolutely no positive gun legislation for at least the next three years.

    The speaker thinks guns are icky.

  4. tincan Says:

    Can’t wait until TN bans the word dinosaur from the internets.

  5. mikee Says:

    Is there any upcoming legislation that would encourage, nay, CAUSE the Dems to flee the state rather than vote on it?

    Because for the rest of the country that would be hilarious to watch, and we could all use a laugh.

  6. wizardpc Says:


    We have a moderate Republican (indistinguishable from a moderate TN Democrat) as Governor, and another as Speaker of the house.

    Both are scared of having bad things said about them in The Tennessean, and so they aren’t likely to support anything remotely resembling something the Tea Party might support.

  7. NotClauswitz Says:

    You TN guys got a super-majority, so did we in CA! But ours is lead by lunatic Trotskyite Communists from Berkeley and SanFrandisco, which makes our state the subject of late-night TV jokes of a different kind.

  8. rickn8or Says:

    NotClauswitz, yabbut the Tennessee super-majority-ites won’t dance with the one’s that brung ’em.

    Last session’s outrage was getting “Safe Commute” (or “Gunz in PARKING LOTZ!!!”) bill quashed by the Republican majority. They keep promising the gunnies in this state a lot, but like that girl we all knew in high school, are ‘way short on the payoff.

  9. wizardpc Says:

    We got a supermajority, but like all elected republicans, they’re too principled (read: scared of bad press) to use it.

  10. NotClauswitz Says:

    If we ever even got halfway close to having a “guns in parking lots” discussion (forget about bill, ever) their anti-NRA heads would explode.

    The CA Trotskyites are worse than Baptists and don’t even bring a partner to dance….Unless they strip nekkind and the strobe is on the disco-ball and Donna Summer is on the DJ’s turn-table and they all just snorted a bunch of amyl-nitrate. Imagine THAT…