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In other news, you can open carry in New Jersey

Typical twaddle about open carrying becoming legal even though open carrying leads to, err, nothing I can tell. And then:

When the law takes effect, Oklahoma will become the 15th state to allow people to openly carry firearms with a license. Those 15 states include Utah, Iowa, New Jersey and Connecticut.


10 Responses to “In other news, you can open carry in New Jersey”

  1. Warren Says:

    Won’t catch me testing this one out. Someone try it and let us know how it turns out.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    You can’t even pump your own gas in NJ.

  3. Jack Says:

    I used to live in NJ and I don’t recall OC being legal there.

    Then again CC permits are like hen’s teeth, and even if OC was legal I’d bet it’d be handled like it is up in Mass

  4. Sebastian The Blogless Says:

    Ditto on the “you try it first”.

  5. Jay G. Says:

    Again, let me remind you that *technically* there is no law in Massachusetts against Open Carrying if you have the proper permit.

    Now, I’m not gonna be the test case, mind you, but *technically* it is legal…

  6. mikee Says:

    So as opposed to it being legal, as in there being no law against it, there is a mechanism for government permitting that makes the otherwise illegal action permissable, that permitting being extremely onerous and rarely obtained by citizens. And even when done legally, with a permit, will likely result in government interference with the action?

    In other words, citizens act at their peril in New Jersey where guns are concerned. Where have I heard that before?

  7. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:

    Absolutely false Unc, there is no legal way to carry open or concealed with a permit. IF you were able to get a permit, then you can supposedly carry open or concealed. But good luck getting a permit.

    Only places you can legally carry is your property, or a gun range….big fuckin whoop…..

  8. ben Says:

    Says there it’s a “licensed open carry” state. Good luck with that.

  9. JessB Says:

    Do not open carry in CT, you will end up with a breach of peace citation and have your carry licensed revoked. Yes, the CT license doesn’t state “concealed,” but those with the badges will still show up and confront you.

  10. Ian Argent Says:

    You can carry however you like “with a license,” technically. This is of limited usefulness to most people.