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How to make your wife hate guns

3 Responses to “News you can use”

  1. mikee Says:

    My wife has no problem with me owning guns, me and the kids shooting at the range, keeping guns in the house ready for self defense, or hunting. But as a medical resident in Baltimore she saw the worst possible examples of negligent and purposeful gun wounds, including slow death from unstoppable sepsis, and wants nothing to do with guns because of that experience.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve the effects of this mental trauma with her would be appreciated. Any experiences with overcoming similar experiences would be welcome.

  2. Jon S Says:

    Got one that tells me how to get Wives/Girlfriends to accept hunting dogs? My German Wirehair has outlasted both of the last prospective wives. Neither had any problems with guns or shooting, but they couldn’t get past allowing the dog on the furniture.

    I figure that he’s been here longer than them, so he’s got just as much of a right to sit on the couch as they do.

  3. SDN Says:

    The one about making sure she shoots a Big Gun with extra recoil is one that applies to both sexes and which I see all the time.

    I started making sure the .22 automatic went to the range without fail just so I’d have something, anything, to offer assistance with. It’s amazing how much better new shooters feel about the whole thing if they get to shoot something they can actually control.

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