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Gun “Buyback” Stupidity

The Cleveland police are upset that folks showed up with cash to their gun buyback and offered to buy weapons for more. And I love this:

They not only had the audacity to feed off a police safety initiative, one of the few in the country, but showed up with copies of the Ohio Revised Code that condoned their conduct, police said.

OMG! They knew their rights, the bastards. And this is not a “police safety initiative”.

8 Responses to “Gun “Buyback” Stupidity”

  1. Eric Says:

    Buy back? If they didn’t own them in the first place, how is it a buy back?

  2. Sendarius Says:

    “…condoned their conduct…”?!?!?!

    They mean “…demonstrated its legality”, surely.

  3. Jailer Says:

    You need a vendors licence to buy things in Cleveland?

  4. Ted N Says:

    Loophole: people doing legal shit the cops and anti’s don’t like.

    And how dare they know the law and their rights! The only reason that stuff is supposed to get written down is so .gov can trample them! Geez!

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    It is indeed a Police Safety Initiative! When cops are manning the “buyback” tables, they’re not arresting gang bangers which is much safer.

    Oh if the people living in gang infested areas, the anti-rights goons offer them this one solution: “Move”.

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Try living 25 miles from those Idiots. Just ask Breda, Thot, Pedium, Heath, Amanda, for more details.

  7. Mike Says:

    Maybe it was all the publicity and eyewitnesses, but I am shocked that the cops didn’t just say “F**k your piece of paper, and F**k your rights, you’re under arrest!”

    If it had been a single-person encounter with the police, I’d bet dollars-to-doughnuts (no pun intended) that that’s exactly the way it would have turned out — likely with “resisting arrest”, “assault on an officer”, and “disturbing the peace” BS charges thrown in for good measure.

  8. Paul Says:

    I have a semi-working .25 auto I’d love to sell those cops, and I’d use the proceeds to buy one of the nice S&Ws or Colts the little old ladies came in with to surrender.

    Gun buy backs only help corrupt cops to have throw down guns or sell them to the cartels. The bad guys never surrender theirs.

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