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Layers of editorial oversight

A 455 caliber handgun. Not sure what it is but I want one.

8 Responses to “Layers of editorial oversight”

  1. Kasper Says:

    455…maybe a Webley on steroids?

  2. Mike M. Says:

    1911s were made in .455 for the British market.

  3. Geoffrey Hayes Says:

    Dang, beat me to it on the Webley and 1911 thing.

  4. Mu Says:

    He was probably trying to imitate a British cop with a

  5. Ygolonac Says:

    There were also S&W 1917s in .455 – I’ve seen one online that was Canadian-marked, as I recall, and someone converted/attempted to convert it to .45 ACP w/moon clips. (Last I heard, they owner was trying to puzzle out the proper cartridge headspacing, as the numbers were off.)

  6. Jeff from DC Says:

    Give that man his Obamaburger!

  7. Lyle Says:

    Yeah, pick a number with four or fewer digits, and it probably relates to some gun model or caliber somewhere along the way.

  8. Rob Says:

    1911s were made in .455 for the British market.

    .455, sure. But the article said 455-caliber. No decimal.

    That’s a bore size of roughly 38 feet, by my calculations. I don’t think they’ve ever made em that big….