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Suppressors on The Walking Dead

While watching Hell On Wheels (currently, the best show on TV), there was a commercial for the next season of The Walking Dead. The kid had a gun with a suppressor on it. Can’t find a pic of the kid with it, but here’s one of the lead character and what I presume is the same gun:

17 Responses to “Suppressors on The Walking Dead”

  1. Divemedic Says:

    That’s one of the ideas of the show. Use of anything that makes a man made noise draws the zombies to feed. Cars, stereos, firearms, all of them draw zombies to the area.

  2. Diomed Says:

    Looks like a subgun can, or maybe one of the Russkie AK silencers. The gun will probably cycle, too, thanks to the magic of Hollywood.

  3. nk Says:

    It does amaze me too, Diomed, that a recoil operated pistol recycles with a pound or so of extra weight added to the tip of the barrel. And it’s silent, too. Magic.

  4. Other Steve Says:

    Uh, looks like a mag light attached to the frame. Gets around the cycling problem, so not magic. It would need a large volume and bore, but with enough media and a wipe front and rear it would work OK, not hollywood well, but not hollywood garbage like you guys are suggesting.

  5. HL Says:

    It does amaze me too, Diomed, that a recoil operated pistol recycles with a pound or so of extra weight added to the tip of the barrel.

    It’s called a Neilsen device. They are pretty common on handgun cans.

    Pistols where the barrel tips up and chamber drops when it cycles likely won’t unlock without a booster. However some pistols with a different mechanism may. My Beretta 92 will cycle without a booster depending on the ammo because the barrel doesn’t tip.

    Of course, I don’t expect TWD to go into all that. It’s a character show, not a tech show.

  6. Diomed Says:


    Let it not be said I can’t appreciate a good trolling. [golf clap]

  7. Sid Says:

    I began watching season 1 while in the hospital. I wanted to like the show but….

    There are too many internal inconsistencies in the plot. Suspension of disbelief is the hallmark of a good drama. The problem with TWD is that it is all drama. If there are survivors of a viral zombie outbreak, I would expect that they would become very inventive in ways to dispose of walkers. Grab every silencer available. Turn on a loud noise machine, bait the zombies toward the noise, and then shoot the zombies from behind.

    Scope out every rifle, head shots are 10 points, hip shots are 5 points, and offer the high scorer an extra BJ.

    Flame weapons anyone? Laundry detergent and gas equals napalm. Have fun. Run over the zombies with a bulldozer. Don’t walk away from a tank. Find all the arrows for your crossbows. A swing arm forrest mulcher used for casual corpse recycling. Noise generator on the roof of a building and then a controlled implosion once full.

    Damn it, fight for survival.

  8. Other Steve Says:

    Sid, perhaps you can’t get into the show because instead of watching it, you’re day dreaming about playing Dead Rising?

    There is little fuel and they have limited access to cars, food, ammo. I doubt controlled building implosion is high on the list of probable projects.

  9. Firehand Says:

    Mentioned to daughter once “So, if the noise attracts zombies, why aren’t they finding/making suppressors?” Apparently someone finally got the idea.

  10. HL Says:

    Remember, they are like 3 months into the Zombie outbreak when they get run off the farm. Only about 2 months or so since Rick woke up. They only got to the farm like 2 weeks after Rick woke up. Not much time has passed. More time passed in Season 2 than Season 1 by far, but the outbreak was in the summer, and it wasn’t even fall yet when Season 2 ended.

  11. Kevin Baker Says:

    I don’t get to watch this season because AMC had a falling-out with Dish Network 🙁

    Oh well.

  12. Geodkyt Says:

    Looks like an old Sionics can. . .

  13. Matt in AZ Says:

    Geodkyt beat me to it, but that defiantly looks like the old Sionics can that was used on the Mac 10 .45 ACP in the Vietnam era.

  14. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Low on fuel? Ammo? It’s only been a couple months.

    Gas station tanks are still full and hand pumps still work, if not the gas is in the vehicles trapped in traffic jams. Ammo should still be on store shelves or police armories, which would be a likely source of suppressed weapons as well. Not that the characters should be putting themselves in position to have to shoot much.

    The protagonists essentially have their pick of vehicles and equipment and can optimize for survival. Yet they haven’t. Why? Bad writing.

    The problem, common to movies and tv, is the writers of the show seemingly know nothing about anything except writing, and thus can only create drama by having the characters be idiots as well. If the writers were as generally competent as the average viewer they would be forced to create realistic (within the show’s logic) and truly difficult situations for their competent, intelligent protagonists to struggle against.

    So yeah, maybe some of us do waste a few minutes once in a while “daydreaming” about stupid stuff like zombie uprisings, but when the average viewer can come up with a handful of obviously better solutions in seconds to every problem the characters face, that the writers apparently couldn’t come up with in hours of conferencing, how does that make the -viewer- the problem? The writers simply need to get better if they don’t want to be criticized. There’s a difference between suspending disbelief enough to accept the concept of a world overrun by zombies and lazy writers expecting me to also identify with moronic characters within it.

  15. Linoge Says:

    (currently, the best show on TV)

    Which speaks volumes as to the crappiness of modern television.

    Heard good things about Elementary, though I have not had a chance to watch it. And Warehouse 13 is just plain fun.

  16. M Gallo Says:

    Yeah… Netflix got Season 2 of TWD over the weekend, and I couldn’t make it ten minutes into the first episode. I REALLY wanted to like this show, but it’s shit. This is the group of people I don’t care to see, because they all get killed while I make it out alive. The most interesting episode they ever made was Los Vatos, and even that was flawed in that they are feuding over guns WITH THOUSANDS OF M4s and MILLIONS OF ROUNDS OF AMMO LAYING IN THE FUCKING STREET.

    I just couldn’t [/disbelief]

  17. John Says:

    There’s a show called Talking Dead that ran after each episode last season. The last one discussed the new guns coming next season. One of the writers (l believe) pointed out that the “suppressor” in this picture is actually a flashlight. I think he mentioned the prop department used it as a quick fix.

    I think the writers should write in a trip to AAC for the real deal though. 🙂