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Officer safety

An excuse to detain someone illegally:

A Wyoming sheriff’s deputy who detained a combat veteran in handcuffs for openly carrying a pistol offered to let him go if he agreed to let another deputy draw his weapon and shoot if the veteran made any sudden moves while driving away, court records show.

I guess he was afraid the Marine would shoot him if he let him go?

10 Responses to “Officer safety”

  1. Kristophr Says:

    A couple of deputies in a rural county fucked up, and started trying to manufacture an excuse to detain him. Wyoming is a constitutional carry state.

    You don’t need a fucking permit to carry a pistol, concealed or openly, and you don’t have to tell the cops you are carrying.

    The county will pay for this. If it goes to trial in Wyoming, the jury will crucify the cops.

  2. Dan Says:

    So does the Vet own the sheriffs department now? Because the he should file should make sure that he does when he wins.

    Also, it shouldn’t matter that he’s a vet. We should be just as irate if that happened to a “regular guy” too.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    Wyoming is not the sort of place you’d expect something like this…

  4. JD Rush Says:

    Wait, so he passed some slow moving motor homes? That is a pretext to stop? Dang, I’d be arrested on a daily basis in Wyoming if that is a crime.

  5. nick Says:

    Here is the video:

  6. Azzy Says:

    ““We’re told every day, our safety is first,” he said. “We’re here to come home every night.”

    No, you are there to Protect and Serve, Officer.

  7. Instinct Says:

    If they want to make sure they go home every night, I suggest they get a different job.

    Fucking embarrassments.

  8. ATLien Says:

    Thuggish assclown cops are officially everywhere now.

    BTW, if they’re so damn insistent on safety and “going home every night,” maybe they should look into a retail job instead.

  9. Jeff From DC Says:

    I’m not really understanding why he’s upset he didn’t tell him he had a gun if he was open carrying…then he ackowledges he saw that we was open carrying, but he was mad he didn’t tell him.

    The Officer comes off as a donger.

  10. Rivrdog Says:

    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room.”

    Doesn’t scare Marines, but obviously that old saw scared the cops.

    “Do you mind if?”

    My answer to the Deputy would have been, “If you were disciplined, you wouldn’t have to ask that, and since you asked….”