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Shooting competition as evidence you’re a murderer

Seems some lawyer is saying that:

Now prosecutors say that video of Bowman at a pistol shooting competition in Puyallup may become an important piece of evidence in the case. It shows that he is an excellent shot – hitting one target after another in rapid-fire succession.

“One-handed, firing at a series of targets, hitting every one of them square on … both right-handed and left-handed,” says W. Scott O’Toole of the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

And your homemade sex tape proves you’re a rapist!

12 Responses to “Shooting competition as evidence you’re a murderer”

  1. Sid Says:

    I was filmed cheating at Monopoly. Is that embezzlement or bank robbery?

  2. Windy Wilson Says:

    “And your homemade sex tape proves you’re a rapist!”
    Don’t give them any ideas, that will come (sorry).

  3. Windy Wilson Says:

    Sid, it depends. It could be theft with fraud, stealing from the other player(s), or bank robbery if you did it while you weren’t the bank or an employee of the bank, or it could be embezzlement, if you did it while you were the bank in rotation.

  4. montieth Says:

    Naah, not your sex tapes, your kids prove you’re a rapist.

  5. nk Says:

    Prosecutors are not NOT allowed to put the defendant’s character into evidence at trial until, he, himself, puts his character into evidence as a peaceful and law abiding person. They are just dirtying him up, prior to trial, tainting the jury pool.

  6. Mike123 Says:

    Sid, Goldman Sacs called. They want to offer you a job.

  7. Gerry Says:

    Jessie Duff and Julie Golob must be serial killers by now!

  8. Mike Says:

    Oh, come on, guys: this is news?

    We’ve always known that a corrupt anti-gun prosecutor will nail your ass to the wall if it will help him win re-election and/or advance the agenda.

    Have we learned NOTHING from the Zimmerman case?

    If you are ever forced to defend yourself with a firearm, EXPECT to go to jail, to have your reputation dragged through the mud, to lose your job, to spend anywhere from $50K-$100K on legal bills, maybe even go through a divorce. You’ll be alive; your loved ones will be alive; but you will be broke and tainted with the modern-day “Mark of Cain”.

    Expecting the cops/courts to slap you on the back, give you an “atta boy”, and treat you like a hero — that sh*t only happens in the movies. Deal with it.

    /rant off.

  9. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Hey Mike. Funny thing happens when you shoot someone. Sometimes you do walk. At least I did. In fact, when I testified in Court, the Judge was VERY Angry that it took the Virginia Beach P.D. 11 minutes to show up, while it only takes 7 minutes to walk from the Duplex I lived in to the 2nd. Precinct Police Station.

    And I kept my Navy Job, the Gun I used and was actually thanked by the Prosecutor for getting the Perp, who it turned out had done over 20 Burglaries over the last few months before I shot at him and he was caught.

    Rare, I know, and I don’t expect it to ever go that smoothly if I ever have to do it again. I do recommend that you read what Mas Ayoob has written over the years on how to deal with the AFTERMATH of a Shooting. I’m glad I did. Saved my Butt, and I’m sure there’s all kind of people out there who’ve used a Firearm for Self-Defense who haven’t had to face charges because it was justified. In fact, in the latest issue of the American Rifleman on page 10 I count EIGHT of them.

    Reality. Deal with it.

  10. NotClauswitz Says:

    Someone filmed eating a Brownie is a cannibalistic murderer?

  11. Joe Huffman Says:

    @Sid, You said, “I was filmed cheating at Monopoly.”

    But the better analogy would be “… playing Monopoly with my family.”

  12. Mike Says:

    Hey, Bubblehead —

    Good for you, pal. Really, I’m glad it worked that well for you.

    Now, please go tell Zimmerman and his wife that they’re not going through what they’re going through. I’m sure they’ll be very relieved.