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One rifle

Not a myth

8 Responses to “One rifle”

  1. HL Says:

    Ahem…SCAR 17.

  2. adam Says:

    Meh. Give me an M1A/M21 and I’d be smitten.

  3. nk Says:

    My daddy liked the 6.5mms but I am a .308 fan. A rifle is just the launcher. The cartridge is everything.

  4. Reluctant Lemming Says:

    It may be old school, but I like the consistency of ammo that you get with a lever action chambered in .357. It’s certainly a bit slower to operate than an AR platform, but a butt sleeve increases the reloadbility. You can load flat nose, hard cast bullets for penetration and down range punch, or hollow points for anti personel. Add a four inch revolver and you’re good to go. Reliability rules. Looking at the ballistics of some of the loads from Buffalo Bore show a lot of potential.

  5. TomcatTCH Says:

    I’d be comfy with a 20″ barreled AR15 as my one gun.
    I’d rather have two. Or, you know, more.
    But if it was only one, a 20″ barreled AR in 5.56, 1/7 or 1/8, would suit me fine.

  6. SteveA Says:

    Saiga 308. 16″ barrel, mags fron 5-25rds, well balanced, ak reliabilty & ease of cleaning, good parts availability.

  7. Ted N Says:

    Oh, it’s a reaction to Yeager. The guy that puts his cameramen down range. I’ve already dismissed Yeager’s opinion.

    For now, it’s an M4, because that’s all I’ve got out here.

  8. Paul Says:

    The ‘one rifle’ can be in many cartridges and action types. The trick is to KNOW HOW TO SHOOT.

    See the likes of D.W.M. Bell took thousands of elephants with 6.5 and 7mm rifles (Bell even used .303 British for lions.)

    Early settlers didn’t have a passel of guns and one flintlock .45 or .50 cal. sufficed.

    Again, if you are a good shot then one rifle can do just about anything you need doing, and if you are a lousy shot I doubt ANY rifle will be enough.

    As for me, I’d take a good rifle in anything from .243 to .338 and make do. Could be a bolt action, lever, pump, simi-auto. But then I’d shoot alot and know just were old ‘Betsy’ put her bullets.

    And right now my favorite rifle is a NPM M1 Carbine. And yes, I know where it hits out to 200 yards.