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There ought to be a law

And when one man stands ups and says No, we already have that one covered, the Democrats whine.

4 Responses to “There ought to be a law”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    I had a sitting Democrat state rep tell me last week that laws aren’t laws until a judge says they are.

    This rep is also a trial lawyer.

  2. Siergen Says:

    That is the same argument used by Al Gore when he was caught soliciting campaign funds from his federal office:

  3. Ted N Says:

    I’d vote at least 3 or 4 times for anybody that’ll run on a platform or repealing everything they can get ahold of. The ads are already written:

    Open on Rep standing behind table with lawbooks on it.

    -hello, tired of stupid laws trying to strangle you? so am I. I’m trying to get rid of as many of them as I can. So far, I’ve gotten rid of;

    rep picks up stack of lawbooks in front of him, turns, throws entire pile into woodchipper

    -all of this useless crap, and local citizens and businesses are just a little bit more free. With your help;

    Rep sidesteps closer to larger pile of lawbooks

    -I’m going to try and get this pile as small as I can. Vote me, vote repeal, vote free. Thank you, and I love your face.


    or something like that. That dude’d kick ass.

  4. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    “There ought to be more laws! MAKE IT ILLEGALER!”

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