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So far out of the mainstream

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Ownership thinks we should all become ninjas. Because, as ninjas, we can put down attackers no matter the size difference, with little to no damage done to the victim No, really. Trouble is, then everyone would become a ninja and the biggest ninjas would have an advantage. Oh and they’re so delusional it almost hurts. And they don’t believe that kung fu skills would be very helpful in self-defense or they’d try to have those banned.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent? Here, I thought that the whole fantasy of taking up arms against someone was one of those morbid fantasies my side was supposed to have. Note that Catherine Conroy wants to load up with guns and shoot you darn gun owners!

We should disarm the police!

And their goal that stuff NEVER happens has no basis in reality.

13 Responses to “So far out of the mainstream”

  1. Huck Says:

    Sure Braindead Bunch. Like my 86 year old dad, a WWII vet who needs a walker to get around, could train and effectively use that ninja shit. Hell, he’s already a black belt… In GUN FU! 🙂

  2. JKB Says:

    So, I assume the Brady Campaign are actively seeking to have ninja training added to the public school curriculum starting pre-school. After all, the training must be proper and while the person is learning they are vulnerable to attack. Do it for the children!

  3. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    There’s no way everyone could become a Ninja…think about how that would completely upset the Ninja/Pirate ratio, and thusly the resulting massive increase in Global Warming, melting ice caps, and so forth.

    Oh my!

    They obviously didn’t think that one through all the way. For Shame.

  4. Drake Says:

    Against my better judgement I read that Conroy shit. This femcunt said she would join the armed forces if it meant wiping out us mean ole gun owners. The bitch doesn’t care enough to join now and actually fight against foreign enemies, but is just chomping at the bit to kill her countrymen. To hell with her and her fucking disconnect.

  5. mita Says:

    …as opposed to a mall ninja?

  6. Sigivald Says:

    On police disarmament, I remember a conversation with someone who literally and evidently seriously suggested that.

    Universal legal disarmament was his policy.

    (The extra irony was that he happened to be gay and also ranted about how bad gaybashing was.

    How he expected them to be stopped without even armed police – let alone the more effective armed victim scenario – was unanswered.

    Indeed, unanswerable.)

    The take-home is that prejudices override reason. That’s why they’re prejudices.

  7. lumpy Says:

    So what’s a sole lonely senior citizen ninja supposed to do if attacked during a wilding or flash mob?

  8. Linoge Says:

    The anti-rights cultists are losing on almost every front, so they are doing what every idiot in the world does when they realize they are losing – they are doubling down. Their entire position was one of extremism and intolerance, and they have decided – idiotically, to be sure – that more extremism and intolerance is the way to gain back the ground they have lost.

    Thankfully for us, it is exactly that extremism and intolerance that is alienating people from the “gun control” cause, which is causing it to lose even more, and so the cycle compounds itself.

    The real danger will be when the true wingnuts in their core constituency realize they have nothing left to lose, and start acting on their violent motivations…

  9. ATLien Says:

    Linoge, that would be a danger to them. You think those anti-gun weenies train or has enough ammo? Cause they’re going to need a LOT of ammo.

  10. Linoge Says:

    I mean no insult by this, but you are thinking too small. I could easily see Ladd Everitt parked in a U-Haul truck filled with fertilizer outside of the NRA headquarters; it is just down the road for him.

  11. Jack Says:

    Linoge, that’s a hop skip and a jump from the Antis trying their own false-flag attacks.

    Though with their “logic” all an “gun death” false flag requires is someone to use a firearm on a murder spree.

    Though knowing these idiots I can see them going truck bomb or mass stabbing or what have you.

  12. comatus Says:

    Yeah, call me when a ninja holds up a Dairy Queen. Wait.

  13. SoupOrMan Says:

    I guess they never thought that ninjas would use guns because they’re more efficient than shuriken? Or that there are places where shuriken are banned but handguns aren’t (at least for rich/connected folks)?

    They gun-banners deliberately downplay the ninja’s ability to use modern weapons. Gun-banning types are idiots. Okay, so that’s insulting to the idiots…

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