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I find it highly unlikely but if Obama passed three times on killing Osama, that’s pretty weak.

12 Responses to “Really?”

  1. Cargosquid Says:

    Really? Knowing him the we we do now? Probably didn’t want to interrupt a golf game.

  2. Cargosquid Says:

    Just checked out the article…

    What do they say about people that protest too much? He sure seems to want it known that he took decisive action……

  3. ATLien Says:

    Didn’t Clinton pass on a shot at getting rid of OBL?

  4. Rivrdog Says:

    I read somewhere that Valerie Jarrett intercepted the comms on at least two of those times, and put the kibosh on the plans herself. Since Obama appointed and continues to support that communist, it’s still his fault, so mox nix.

  5. John Smith. Says:

    No balls no balls down there…

  6. comatus Says:

    It’s chapter one of a Draft Hillary show. Just watch.

  7. HL Says:

    If you look at the famous photo of the white house staff when the raid is going down, under the impromptu jacket, Obama is wearing a golf shirt.

  8. Mike Says:

    You’re surprised? Really?

    Does the phrase “Vote: ‘Present'” mean anything, or have we forgotten that little piece of 2008 election history?

  9. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Not outside the realm of possibilty. We KNOW he passed on taking the Shot when the Seals were taking out those Pirates a couple of years ago. I understand that it only happened when some Military Guy told him he HAD to do it, or Barry could be could be charged under Maritime Law with “Aiding and Abetting.”

    And wasn’t there some kind of delay in the Bin Laden Raid due to “Weather Conditions?”

    And one of the Dirty Little Secrets regarding Barry and Jarrett is that he couldn’t have gone as far as he did in Politics w/o her help. Remember, Valerie “Mrs. Mao” Jarrett’s String on Barry is so strong you could tow a Semi out of a Ditch with it.

    So yeah, I think it’s possible.

    Of course, to find out the Truth, we’d have to have “Regime Change” come November, AND Romney would have to have the Guts to call in all the Investigators and Lawyers and Inspectors and expose all the Garbage to Sunlight.

    Unlike Bush the Younger who just “Turned the Other Cheek” and left a whole bunch of Clintonistas in place. Can You Say “Valarie Flame, Boys and Girls?”

  10. Bat Chain Puller Says:

    A fairly detailed version of this story was out and circulating just a few weeks after the raid. It seemed believable at the time. The gauzy “sources” were either state department or CIA from the disgruntled Hilary/Panetta camps. from May 2011

  11. Firehand Says:

    And I know people who don’t care: “Well, bin Laden’s dead anyway, so who cares?” They either don’t understand or don’t care what this kind of idiocy means.

  12. mariner Says:

    I’m not at all surprised, and I believe it’s highly likely.

    If true it would explain why several highly-placed people leaked the story that Obama wasn’t even involved in the decision, but was fetched off the golf course after it was underway.

    It would also explain why he didn’t look like a happy camper in that famous photo.