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Amazon carrying guns?

I can’t find them but Bob did.

6 Responses to “Amazon carrying guns?”

  1. Ben C Says:

    Rifles out now too:

  2. KevinM Says:

    Third party seller with some high negative ratings.

    Not eligible for Amazon Prime when I pull it up on my account.

  3. Alien Says:

    Showed up as free shipping when I looked (I’ve got Prime). Yep, third party seller, and I can’t comment on what negatives they may or may not have because I don’t know them. But, if this is real it could be a game changer.

    FYI, I followed the XD link at Glenn’s place all the way through to “click to place order” before I killed the order and didn’t see any mention of an FFL requirement. I’m sure Amazon, and by extension its business partners, will be in full federal and 57-state legal compliance, but I’m curious what the process is/will be for handling it.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    BATFE (VCB) trolling for the unwary maybe?

  5. Sigivald Says:

    Rick: Problem there is that it’s not a violation for the receiver to get a gun through the mail, if I remember the law correctly.

    It’s a violation for the shipper to have sent it to a non-FFL.

    (Which is why it’s not a felony to get shipped a gun via error, for one.)

  6. comatus Says:

    That was a real enticing headline, there.
    I expected an Oleg Volk glamour shot.
    Around my place, all the amazons carry guns.