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Everybody has a SWAT team

This time, the social security administration wants 170K rounds of 357 sig.

19 Responses to “Everybody has a SWAT team”

  1. jefferson101 Says:

    Why is it?

    When someone in the media has a case of PSH over some private citizen having 50,000 rounds or so of ammo, we all laugh and say….”It’s a year’s worth of range ammo, and what’s the big deal”.

    But when a Government agency buys a couple of years worth of range ammo, all of a sudden it’s a crisis?


    The 450 Million round order? I question that, too. But 170k rounds? For a whole Agency?

    Let us keep the perspective that we accuse others of losing far too regularly. They do. We shouldn’t.

  2. rcpylon Says:

    jefferson101 Says: “Why is it?”

    It’s not the amounts but ALL the friggen gov’t departments that think they need an armed force. that’s the real issue. FTR, there are WAY too many Dept’s and way too many that have armed employees.

    also I’m aok with anyone carrying for THEIR OWN personal protection anywhere, anytime. that would be on their own dime (ie- not on the gov’ts).

  3. Ed Says:

    Social security fraud is a big deal, involving the theft of millions (at least) of taxpayer dollars. Somebody has to investigate it, and I don’t blame them for arming the folks who have to arrest thieves.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    You know, what I don’t get is why Big Army gets 9mm, Spec Ops get .45ACP, the Fish Police get .40 S+W, and now Soc.Sec. wants .357 Sig. Can’t the Federales just pick ONE Caliber, then distribute it?

  5. Jim Says:

    @ Bubblehead Les….

    …. If Unca Feddie had one standardized cartidge, then how could they lock up production and distribution of all the other loadings that we all know and love so well?

    Yeah, it’s bad enough that there’s a Federal Janitorial Swat Team, but I do smell something rotten in Denmark with all those ammo orders choking out the civilian supply lines.

    The timing, too, is suspect. Wonder if we’ll see an Obamavich Ammo Czar in the next few weeks?

    Wouldn’t suprize me in the least.


    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. Jimmy Says:

    170k rounds. 170 new-hires on a two week firearms qualification course. Sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Media has no clue.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    FBI has 13890 special agents if they all requal with 200 rounds it’s near 3 Million.

  8. Linoge Says:

    Why is it?

    Because a private citizen owning whatever the hell he wants is of no concern to me, but the continued militarization of every aspect of our government is?

  9. Adam Says:

    If you actually break down the rounds per employee, I’m more concerned that the average Fed doesn’t get enough practice. Apparently I practice much more than any of these Agents, which scares the crap out of me. I’d like to see them shoot at least 100 rounds a month as a bare minimum with their carry weapon. My expectation is that a professional law enforcement agent should be able to shoot circles around me at the range, as I am a professional engineer. I fear the opposite.

  10. mariner Says:

    My expectation is that a professional law enforcement agent should be able to shoot circles around me at the range, as I am a professional engineer. I fear the opposite.

    You’d rather they be better able to shoot circles IN you?

  11. jefferson101 Says:

    “You’d rather they be better able to shoot circles IN you?”

    If they are going to be running around armed, (The need for which is a whole ‘nother debate.) I’d much prefer that they are able to hit someone 20’ away from me without hitting me in the process.

    Minimizing collateral damage is overall a good thing.

  12. karrde Says:

    So, anyone remember when the Fiscal Year for the agencies in question will be up?

    Because I smell budget-padding. Gotta empty the accounts before the FY closes out, so that the agency doesn’t get that part of the budget trimmed next year.

    And, like the Jimmy says, that’s a 1K-round-training course for 170 guys. (Or two such courses over the next year, for 85 guys…etc.)

  13. Jake Says:

    Social security fraud is a big deal, […] Somebody has to investigate it

    Funny, I hear there’s whole Federal Bureau dedicated entirely to the Investigation of federal crimes, with sworn agents and existing resources and everything. Maybe they could do it?

  14. kalashnikat Says:

    I gotta agree with Jake…why does every Fed bureaucracy need its own investigative/enforcement armed branch and why in the hell do they need a magnum round that’s noted for over-penetration?
    Law enforcement and investigation can be done by any existing chartered law enforcement agency, we don’t need armed bureaucrats. If you need a security guard at the cashier point of transaction, why not a hired rent-a-cop, not someone on the civil service rolls with fat juicy salary, perks, and retirement entitlements?

  15. Will Says:


    it’s known as dept empire building. Got to grow your power base. That requires real employees.

  16. Bryan S. Says:

    they way i have read the constitution is that we the people have the right to bear arms… but I dont see where the feds have that right.

    If the Social (In)Security Admin wants to make an arrest, then use the local cops. No guns for them.

  17. mikee Says:

    Because readers of this blog are interested in firearms, purchases of firearm related items by federal agencies gets noticed.

    What we are missing is that the ammo has to go into some kind of gun to be useful. Where were the orders for the guns? What manufacturer, what model, how many, when bought?

  18. Jerry Says:

    Fuckitall, Facebook, here it comes.

  19. Paul Says:

    There are 295 sworn officers in the Social Security Admin throughout the country and x 174000 rounds.

    That’s not even 500 rounds per cop.

    Man I shoot over 100 rounds a WEEK, so really guys keep it in perspective.

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