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It’s this post again

The Truth About Guns lifting more photos and passing them off as their own.

I get emails about this at least once a week. I guess I’m the gun blog police.

13 Responses to “It’s this post again”

  1. Dan Zimmerman Says:

    Actually no, we don’t pass these photos off as our own. Hovering your cursor over any photo on TTAG will reveal the photo’s credit. For instance, the linked photo you reference is listed as “AIWB courtesy”

    If any originator of a photo objects to our using it, we’re happy to take it down. All it takes an email.

  2. ankle Says:

    My browser (Chrome) rarely shows me the alt text when hovering over something. Certainly that’s not something I can blame TTAG for, but who hovers over images just for kicks? I’d recommend putting a caption on the image, that everyone will always see (and yes, skip over, but still) to give credit, linking back to the original.

  3. Kristophr Says:

    Not everyone has alt photo tags turned on.

    You need to caption the photo, and include a link. If you are getting advert money, you absolutely need permission to use someone else’s intellectual property for monetary gain.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Simple rule to follow. Ask First.

  5. SPQR Says:

    “If any originator of a photo objects to our using it, we’re happy to take it down.” translates to “We’ll infringe others’ property until we are called on it”.

    Confirmation of why I never visit TTAG and will never in the future.

    That reminds me, I’ve been meaning to start emailing Glenn Reynolds suggesting he quit linking to TTAG.

  6. Kristophr Says:

    Then send Dan Zimmerman an email denying him the right to use any photo of yours in the future.

    Apparently this creep doesn’t understand the concept of copyright.

  7. alan Says:

    Lots of people have emailed Instapundit about TTAG. Doesn’t seem to matter.

  8. wizardpc Says:

    “Courtesy of” implies that you asked for and received permission.

    Clearly, that’s not the case.




  9. Mr. Normal Says:

    As a photographer who is occasionally paid for his work, I have had people ask permission to use my stuff – even crappy little images posted to my Flickr page – and unless I need to obtain additional releases from someone I almost always say yes.

    However, it is infuriating to post images to a photo sharing site or a blog, clearly noting the image is copyright-protected, then seeing it up on someone’s website without CLEAR attribution or credit. Even worse when the offender comes back with some half-arsed remark implying they have any right to steal my work and that my username is buried in the metadata or an alt-tag.

    The onus should be on the person seeking to use creative materials to obtain permission FIRST – not run around like some 300# bully who’s only nice when the person being picked on turns around and tells him to knock the crap off. If you don’t get permission, you don’t run the image – it’s as simple as that.

    A “well-known” gun blog should be able to take the five minutes required to stand in their own bathroom and pop a shot of someone wearing a gun in a holster, anyway.

  10. Reluctant Lemming Says:

    That’s not even the holster referred to in the article. It looks like a Shaggy or Archangel, but it’s certainly not a leather Bianchi.

    They troll and flame their commenters over there with articles by admitted drug addicts and owners of illegally obtained weapons and then delete their responses. They will only give you the time of day if you are offering them something for free… or else they just take it.

  11. NukemJim Says:

    Modern digital photography is so easy, accessible and fast I do not understand why the people over at TTAG just do not do their own work.

    I mean I can understand ripping off Oleg. You may dislike his style but technically his work is excellent. But a number of the other pictures they have ripped off * where nice but nothing that could not have been replicated easily, especially since they frequently publish pictures that have nothing to do with the story.

    I had thought they had learned their lesson.

    *Sorry but taking an image without asking and not clearly giving credit is IMHO ripping someone off. Disclaimer: I used to make my living with a camera so I may be overly sensitive on this subject.

  12. Linoge Says:

    The “Truth” About Guns is why I have taken to watermarking all of my images and pictures now, after six years of weblogging.

    And alt-text “citations”? Are you kidding me? That is the kind of passive-aggressive bulldren that idiots pull to avoid having to actually provide credit where credit is due. “Oh, look, we ‘cited’ the image, but you are going to have to go Google the damned thing for yourself to figure out where it really came from!”


  13. NotClauswitz Says:

    I won’t go there or link, ever.

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