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Getting a gun from Amazon

Man orders a TV from an Amazon third party seller. Gets a Sig rifle instead. Uhm, you know you can’t just mail those to people, right?

17 Responses to “Getting a gun from Amazon”

  1. Cliff Says:

    So,… Which TV did he order? I need an upgrade.

  2. adam Says:

    ^ This!

  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    “This mishap could have led to another tragedy.” Why, is this guy some kind of unstable improper person that’s liable to go off at the slightest provocation? Sounds more like it could have led to another crime being prevented.

  4. Brice Says:

    I’m will to bet this is fake. I can’t imagine any warehouse being so casual with 2k dollar rifles that it would accidentally ship one in place of a 400 dollar flat screen. Nor can I think of my warehouses that carry both flatscreens and rifles.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    Im guessing it was an airsoft.

  6. wizardpc Says:

    Or I could actually look at the pictures and see that it wasn’t.

    I love how the Brady person is falling all over herself about it. What do you mean “something which is illegal can happen anyway”?

  7. HL Says:

    What a candy-ass.

  8. cybrus Says:

    Mr. Evilwrench – when you leave a rifle unsupervised on the front porch, it’s highly likely that it will jump up, unprovoked, and start spraying bullets like a hose. There’s a good chance that the neighborhood will turn into the wild west as well. And everyone knows that you’re 40 times morel likely to be killed with a rifle in the box than a flat screen in a warehouse…

  9. Ted N Says:

    Still seems fishy to me. I thought amazon didn’t handle firearms, I know I dug around trying to find this rifle on thier site, with no results other than airsoft pistols.

    I suppose the antis need something to yap about, so whatever.

    Woulda kept my mouth shut and told amazon my tv never showed up, that’s for sure.

  10. JTwig Says:

    Sounds like it was the shipping company’s error, not the company he ordered from. I’d bet dollars to donuts that it was intended to go to an FFL, and was dropped at his house by mistake while his TV ended up someplace else. Espcially since Amazon does not deal in firearms.

  11. C-Low Says:

    Don’t know about you guys but I would have just ordered another “TV” or two or three or….

  12. Rob Crawford Says:

    ” Id bet dollars to donuts that it was intended to go to an FFL…”

    The story says it was intended for a dealer, so, yeah.

  13. Kristophr Says:

    Ted N: I can easily imagine a wholesaler using for order fulfillment. As long as they don’t advert on, they would get away with it.

    Lots of other wholesaler’s use them.

    I can also easily imagine the BATFE coming down on that wholesaler like a ton of bricks. They allowed people who were not listed as responsible employees to have uncontrolled access to inventory.

    Bad news that.

  14. Kristophr Says:

    Lots of other _non-firearm_ wholesalers use them.

  15. armed_partisan Says:


  16. Rob K Says:

    This is like a slashdot comment thread! Lots of speculative comments by people who didn’t RTFA!

  17. MS Says:

    Or someone put a new label on the box while it was in transit, hoping it would be sitting on the porch long enough for them to take it ( adjusts tinfoil hat )