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People choose the best tool for the job

Even if they’re psychopathic murderers.

2 Responses to “People choose the best tool for the job”

  1. Reluctant Lemming Says:

    I’ve posted a similar response before, but I will post again, because I’m so fed up with hearing what great tools the new fangled semi autos and high cap mags are for single handedly dispatching armies of civilians. Rambo movies aside, this is just not true!!

    Prior to 9/11 the Happy Land fire was the largest single mass murder in NYC history. Ten dollars of gas in a plastic can he found in an alley. Guns really are NOT the weapon of choice for killing large #s of people. Could Tim McVeigh have killed 168 people and wounded another 800 with a rifle and a handgun and all the ammo he could carry???? Take away all the guns and
    psychos would be forced to find new, cheaper more efficient means to kill large groups. The casualties will go up astronomically for each new incident. What guns ARE good for, in the hands of skilled defenders, is surgically removing these isolated offenders.

    The logic behind leaving people defenseless against criminals seeking to use incendiary devices, trucks, bombs and even fuel laden PLANES to slaughter them escapes me.

  2. Lyle Says:

    Obviously, if anyone ever commits arson, the rest of us should be deprived of matches and lighters. If anyone ever commits vehicular homocide, or makes a deadly mistake with a vehicle, we should all be required to have a license to operate a vehicle– that way, these problems will totally go away.

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