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Can you own a cannon?

Yes, from a legal standpoint. And yes from a practical standpoint. Geocities called . . .

3 Responses to “Can you own a cannon?”

  1. Bill Twist Says:

    I own a cannon. It’s a 3″ bore mortar that shoots a tin can half-full of cement, weighing roughly 1 lb, at least 300 yards. Why only half-full? Because with a heavy nose and an open back, the can acts like a huge shotgun slug, flying nose first in a stable fashion, instead of tumbling like the cans full of cement.

  2. Bram Says:

    I used to do Revolutionary War re-enactments. We had a crazy old Marine WWII Vet who owned a cannon (a Six Pounder if I remember correctly). He would shoot it empty at the Memorial and Independence Day parades and during re-enactments. He also would shoot targets with cement cans. Pretty accurate and devastating power.

    This was in Massachusetts of all places – which wasn’t always the nutty lib-hole it has become.

  3. Kristopher Says:

    I own a 20mm Lahti.

    Before 1968, you could mail order one without ANY government paperwork.

    Scalia should do his research before shooting his mouth off or making legal decisions. Such incompetence does not well befit a Supreme Court Justice.

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