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On gun bills

Sound and fury, signifying nothing

It’s an election year and the white house is none too keen on the bill to restrict ammo sales.

Meanwhile, a ban on 10 round magazines that cannot pass.

2 Responses to “On gun bills”

  1. Ron W Says:

    “He (Obama) believes in the second amendment of the constitution, in the right to bear arms,”

    Wow! What a CHANGE of mind from his days as a State Senator in Illinois when he opposed permits for the people to bear(carry) arms. That’s good, Mr. President, keep the CHANGE in coming around to our way of thinkin’…

  2. rick wagner Says:

    just a word about President Obama and the fact that he is not talking about new gun laws. All he needs is to be reelected and appoint just ONE more anti gun Supreme Court Justice. Bingo the 2nd Amendment is toast.