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Military style

A near meaningless term

2 Responses to “Military style”

  1. comatus Says:

    Under US vs Miller, it has to be military-style. Under the Clinton Ban, it can’t be. They really do want it both ways. Or, actually, neither way.

    Incidentally, SCOTUS in Miller found the 1934 Act to be constitutional because it was…a revenue collection. Sound familiar?

  2. IllTemperedCur Says:

    With a couple of new shooters who mentioned the “military gun” I have (AR15) with a turned up nose, I ask a question. “Which of these are the military guns? But before you answer, know this: it’s a trick question.” And I tell them that the answer is: all of them and just one of them. Because ALL the guns I own have a definable military heritage or inspiration, even though they don’t “look” military. The “one” military firearm is an actual military surplus Finn M39.

    Hell, damn near EVERY gun has military heritage. That Ruger MkII in my safe? Based on the Jap Nambu military pistol. Just about every centerfire bolt action rifle used to hunt deer in the US? Mauser action.

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