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I’m skeptical

5 guys responsible for fast and furious? Not convinced.

8 Responses to “I’m skeptical”

  1. CarlS Says:

    “Republican congressional investigators have concluded that five senior ATF officials — from the special agent-in-charge of the Phoenix field office to the top man in the bureauís Washington headquarters — are collectively responsible for the failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation . . .”

    Well, the top man is Holder, right? Or, perhaps, Holder’s boss?

  2. JohnB Says:

    That figures, trying to blame everything on high cholesterol fried food.

    Oh wait, were not talking about the hamburger joint.

    Never mind.

  3. mikee Says:

    If the purpose of allowing “some 2,500 illegal gun sales in Arizona with the hope that agents would track the weapons to Mexican drug cartels” was to be achieved, why was the Mexican government NOT involved?

    Was there an 800 number set up for the cartel members to self-report their planned use of the guns in Mexico?

  4. Bram Says:

    That bus ride is getting bumpy.

  5. Mike Says:

    No, no, no. You just don’t get it.

    See, Congressional investigators, DOJ officials, and (probably) WH hacks got together and “negotiated” who was going to take the fall for F&F. These five are the sacrificial lambs that will allow Issa to claim victory, and certain individuals in the Executive Branch to escape prison.

    The stalling tactics we have seen so far has been entirely about identifying the “safest” scapegoats to crush. What it means is that these are the five people in this whole affair who:

    a) Don’t have powerful, high-level officials/cronies providing protection;
    b) Don’t possess photocopies of critical documents directly implicating higher-ups in the scheme;
    c) Can be thrown under the bus without serious damage to the Congress or DOJ.


  6. Rivrdog Says:

    Mike ++. Five goats, comma, scape. The rest of WashingToon, both flavors of it, gets a pass. SOSDD

  7. Paper Nuncio Says:

    Hah, I read the line and thought, “What’s a burger joint got to do with Fast and Furious.”

  8. Paul Says:

    5 guys responsible for fast and furious?

    Sure… they packed the boxes!

    The rest of them just gave orders.