Movie Massacre: Political Stuff

Gun control advocates sputter at their own impotence.

Wayne LaPierre was apparently standing next to the shooter. In captain coo coo banana land.

Guns are bad, mmmkay. They only know the one song.

OMG!! The most popular rifle in the US is legal.

2 Responses to “Movie Massacre: Political Stuff”

  1. treefroggy says:

    Wow !! I’m impressed !! Business Insider , which obviously knows nothing about firearms quotes CNN and the Guardian, who know even less.

    Who do they quote next ? Mr Bean ?

  2. HL says:

    Yeah, in regards to that article, IIRC, the aptly named “Crime Bill” of 94 wouldn’t have done anything to stop the shooting. He could have just used a post-ban model with a fixed stock and no flash hider.

    I guess it could have screwed with his length of pull because he wouldn’t have the adjustable stock.