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Brian Ross should be fired, sued and kicked in the dick

And other thoughts on the movie massacre and political posturing.

First, to quote Tam: I don’t care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and murdered somebody last night. I didn’t. So piss off.

Before the bodies were cold and stacked away, everyone was playing pin the political label on the nut job. Notably, Brian Ross libeled some guy with the same name, unaware it’s a common name. And he did so wetting his pant (in the good way, not the bad way). Seems Ross was so excited to blame the shooting on right wingers and tea partiers that verifying facts wasn’t important. The narrative was.

He should be fired.


And kicked in the dick.

And the Breitbart folks bleat He’s a registered Democrat so take that. Only, you know, not. He should also be fired, sued and kicked in the dick.

The HuffPo tries to smear the gun lobby, who as far as I know didn’t shoot anybody.

Bill Maher shows once again how right wingers are bigoted. Or something.

And while we’re at it, let’s blame trekkies, cosplayers, video games, and Occupy Wall Street.


I’ll need more dick kicking shoes.

How times have changed. Don’t expect a push for new gun laws. And that makes Bloomberg cry.

And this is just a bit on the press coverage. We can Monday morning quarterback the shooting on, err, Monday.

28 Responses to “Brian Ross should be fired, sued and kicked in the dick”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    Carry, regardless of movie theatre chain “no gun” signs.

    I carried for years without permission. Harden the fuck up and carry, regardless of the rabbit people signs.

    You may save your own life as well as that of others.

    ( BTW, the Aurora cops followed the old active killer procedure: contain and wait for SWAT. You can see how that worked out. Not a single cop was killed. )

  2. jay Says:

    what sort of dick kicking shoes do you suggest?

    also, i’m with kristopher, if you can’t just go somewhere without the stupid little signs, then just ignore them. nobody even notices the folks who open carry; nobody is going to spot your concealed piece unless you start fondling it.

    and half of those would believe you if you told them it was a fancy iphone case.

  3. gattsuru Says:

    >what sort of dick kicking shoes do you suggest?

    I’ve heard good reports for steel-toed ones.

  4. Broken Andy Says:

    Fox news is reporting that he was carrying SIX THOUSAND rounds of ammo. I’ll never worry about trying to sneak in my own snacks again. Apparently the theater staff are completely oblivious.

  5. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Someone ought to be fired, but I’m not sure it’s Brian Ross. I mean let’s get real, while people call him a journalist, I doubt he spends much time actually investigating stories. The reality he’s just a guy paid to read what other people put on his teleprompter on TV. Those other people are the ones that ought to be fired.

  6. treefroggy Says:

    “fired, sued and kicked in the dick.”

    He would first have to have a dick.

  7. Kristopher Says:

    Stormy: +1.

    The brits are more honest about the profession.

    The call them newsreaders. It’s what they do. Someone else writes and vets the story, and someone else above them both decides which stories get airtime.

  8. Old NFO Says:

    Steel toed shoes work… And th 6000+ rounds was what he bought, NOT what he was carrying…

  9. Jeff from DC Says:

    If you can legally carry, funk the sign. Disobeying a sign isn’t the same as disobeying a real ordnance. The only way you’ll get caught is if you:
    1) Drop your pistol
    2) Play with your pistol
    3) Tell everyone you are conceal carrying
    4) Have to use it

    The first three are self correcting. I suppose a theater could try to hit you with a trespassing charge, but I really think you would just get barred from the theater. Our local theaters have gone full TSA as a response. Not only does this take Officers away from real work, it discourages people from seeing movies in the theaters. I can pay $13.00 plus expenses to get wanded, searched, and have to sit in a theater with people talking during the whole movie…or I can pay $15 to get it on Amazon 4 months down the road. Or wait a month after that and get it for ten bucks off of ebay. It’s a entirely different arguement, but I hate it when an industry( or local government) bleeds it’s client base dry and then complains when everyone leaves.

  10. Hippies Suck Says:

    Who is this day watches ABC or NBC or CBS?

  11. AZ Fortune Cookie Says:

    My coworker and I were carpooling for a couple hours yesterday, and he had M. Savage on the radio. This guy went on about how it’s Hollywood’s fault, and then he proceeded to go on about drum magazines and clips and nonsense like that. Sometimes I wish I could just listen to a talk show host that doesn’t have his head so far up his ass that /I/ get a migraine from it.

  12. Justthisguy Says:

    The dick is less sensitive than the nuts. Why did you not recommend that those people get kicked in the nuts, as that would hurt more?

  13. Justthisguy Says:

    P.s. As someone who is well into his seventh decade on this planet, I deplore the language used by callow youths of Uncle’s age. Uncle has actually bragged about buying, and listening to, popular music. Gimmee some Mozart, some Vivaldi, some Haydn, and I’m just fine. I don’t care for latter-day dickhead electric-guitar thug music.

  14. Kristopher Says:

    Jeff from DC: The TSA response would not have stopped the incident.

    This active killer pushed his way into the theater through an emergency exit someone else was using to leave through.

  15. Howard Says:

    Fun question: how does a man receiving unemployment benefits acquire $20,000 worth of military-grade armor and weapons, in a span of 60 days? That’s just what was on his person / in his car (i.e. not counting the bombs, etc in his apartment).

    Further down the rabbit hole: is it just a coincidence the United Nations is voting on / editing its Small Arms Treaty in the next short while?

  16. Seerak Says:

    Fun question: how does a man receiving unemployment benefits acquire $20,000 worth of military-grade armor and weapons, in a span of 60 days?

    As far as the $20k goes, that’s easy: credit cards. UI benefits imply past employment, which means he might have plenty of credit. He might even have been one of the guys on Fatwallet who make a game out of applying for bunches of credit cards at once.

  17. Reluctant Lemming Says:

    I just don’t understand how in a theater occupied by hundreds of people not one of them made a brave move against the single killer. One young, strong appearing, young moviegoer claimed to be close enough to trip the shooter as he walked by. I guess there are not too many OFWGs who are Batman fans.

  18. Kristopher Says:

    Howard: I am working part time after a long bout of unemployment.

    I can abuse my current set of credit cards to the tune of at least $40k, and can get more if I start answering the letters from other CC companies that still bombard my mail box.

    I doubt the nutter is concerned about paying off his debt to them.

  19. Kristopher Says:

    Reluctant Lemming: Someone may have tried. Unless they were shooting him in the face at the same time, they were going to get shot first.

    People who will act are rare.

    Milgram went through over eleven thousand subjects before he found one that actively intervened in his experiment. Ones who simply refused to push the button were also damned rare.

  20. Kristopher Says:

    BTW … the local papers are reporting that the Aurora police are looking for a second perp that was associated with the active shooter … they think that person may have deliberately opened the emergency exit for him.

  21. Cargosquid Says:

    Stormy beat me to it.

    Its the PRODUCERS that need to be fired. Everything the TV news readers say goes through them. They could have stopped him at any time.

  22. Chas Says:

    “I donít care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and murdered somebody last night. I didnít. So piss off.”

    I second that.

  23. blounttruth Says:

    While Americans have bowed out of the protection of the constitution, we are now seeing the reality of the police/spy state, the question must be asked, was the loss of your constitutional rights worth it? This individual went under the spy state apparatus with all of the NSA phone monitoring, TSA abuses of the 4th amendment, and all other abuses to our constitution which have been outed now:

    And now as the people of the United States sat silent while the government usurped other rights in the constitution under the guise of false security the implementation of gun control is coming home to roost. While Constitutionalist’s begged those that had a single “favorite” amendment of the constitution to stand with them in protecting the entire document, they are about to feel the true pain of the Communist neo conservatives as well as the Socialist progressives, will they still stand silent or will they awaken with the liberty movement and see the writing on the wall? In no short part partisanship blindness has led us to where we are and Willard will be no help, but partisans fail to see this. I guess we can all discuss how our nation used to be after laws are implemented that give you 90 days to turn in your guns, or face a mandatory 20 years. And while we are at it, does anyone think Mittens will stand against this power grab? It is upon us, and unless we all stand together then they win.

  24. Ron W Says:

    Aparently there were no law-abiding gunowners present in the theater which supposedly was a “gun-free” place, so why in the world should anyone suggest more restrictions against us??? UNLESS, to use this emotional fear-mongering propaganda opportunity as pretext for more citizen disarmament.


  25. SPQR Says:

    I refuse to watch any ABC network or affiliate show until Brian Ross is fired.

  26. blounttruth Says:

    The plot thickens!

  27. blounttruth Says:

    And thicker…

  28. Borepatch Says:

    You have kids.


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