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Speaking of Amazon

A push for same day delivery. Well, overnight through Prime is already pretty sweet.

3 Responses to “Speaking of Amazon”

  1. Divemedic Says:

    The theory of sales tax is that a business gets the benefit of the government where it operates: police, fire, etc. Amazon, operating in a different state, doesn’t get that benefit, and rightly doesn’t pay the tax.
    The local businesses have the advantage of instant gratification at the expense of higher costs, Amazon has the benefit of lower costs, at the expense of longer delivery times.
    The local businesses sought to use government to remove Amazon’s advantage of lower cost, thinking that they would gain market advantage, but forgetting that Amazon, once the costs were being paid any way, would have no bar to opening a local shipping center.
    Now the local businesses have more competition, and the playing field is tilted in Amazon’s favor.

  2. Ian Argent Says:

    Sorry, I can’t hear a thing. Some idiot just set off the petard he was sitting on.

  3. Adam Says:

    Every day, I drive past Amazon’s million-square-foot property that’s under construction in middle TN. The size of the building is staggering, and to think I could have my things same day? Do want.