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Jimmy Vowell. The Columbia County Environmental Compliance Manager, is a criminal

He unlawfully entered a woman’s home to give her a ticket for not mowing her grass.

20 Responses to “Jimmy Vowell. The Columbia County Environmental Compliance Manager, is a criminal”

  1. ButchSundance Says:

    He is lucky she didnt ventilate his center mass or at least shot his dingus off!

  2. MAJ Mike Says:

    Agree. Twelve gauge buck ‘n ball would help trim the Columbia County budget.

  3. The Duck Says:

    Yep he would have been shot doing something that stupid here

  4. HiddenHills Says:

    definite CLM, and hopefully also a CEM.

  5. wizardpc Says:

    Reminds me that I need to set up a camera system

  6. Alien Says:

    And the reason the Home Invader didn’t experience a Mozambique is …what? This woman needs to attend a competent CWP class and buy a suitable caliber gun. Not to mention much better quality locks on her doors. Whatever MF gets into my house uninvited by whatever means, MF gets to absorb multiple large-caliber projectiles until MF no longer poses a threat. End of story.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Outside of the normal calls for shooting the bastard, the homeowner needs to press charges and push them to stick. The city will argue “no harm”, but the law says it’s a criminal act.

    I’ll be the odd man out and say I wouldn’t automatically shoot a strange person in my house. It’s context-dependent and depends on the risk I feel in the immediate sense. No trigger press is automatic. I’ll think through every shot and frankly I am less inclined to shoot than not. Note that I’ve been shot at before.

    In essence, I would have to take an additional step to ask myself, “is this guy a plausible threat or it this an accident?”

    Granted, the likelihood that it won’t be a threat is small. But this dumbass grass inspector proves it happens. And there is a certain radius extended “accidental incursions”. Step inside it and the ‘balance of equities’ shifts considerably.

  8. harp1034 Says:

    Had she shot him she would be up on charges herself. Goverments take a dim view of the subjects shooting their enforcers.
    As it is the S.O.B. got fired.
    All of us learn a lesson from this. Keep your doors locked!

  9. comatus Says:

    “Context-dependent” is a very delicate and diplomatic application of How We Talk Now. And you’re right, of course. In this context, I might have fired out of General Principles, just to thin out the gene pool.

    I don’t like the notion of a man being presumed dangerous because he’s big. Weedy little pencil-necks (the sort you’d expect to be the Lawn Inspector) are threatening, too. That said, didn’t that flower of southern womanhood present her case well? She seems so reasonable, so competent…in my neighborhood, a woman like that would have no problem getting her grass mowed.

  10. comatus Says:

    And what, no long-or-short-vowell jokes? Nobody wants to buy a consonant?

  11. ATLien Says:

    If anyone tries to write me a ticket for my grass being too long, I’ll shoot them on principle.

  12. ATLien Says:

    Comatus, she didn’t want to buy a Vowell.

  13. Kristopher Says:

    The idiot’s daughter showed up in the article’s comment section to try to defend him … heh.

  14. Leatherwing Says:

    “Masters said she installed the four-camera surveillance system before being medically discharged from the Army for depression. She has been struggling to make ends meet as a model, dancer and actress while waiting for her disability to be approved.”

    Maybe he assumed her dancing was of he exotic type and was trying to sneak a free peak. Seemed awfully insistent to look in or get inside.

  15. comatus Says:

    Hello. A whole new dimension has been added to our considerations. “Maybe he assumed”? Going with the old reasonable man argument, I’m going to join him in that. Show me her name on the Pilobolus roster in Augusta, and I’ll take it all back in a heartbeat.

    Ballet is popular in Georgia. But so is Lapp dancing. Not that there’s anything [in particular] wrong with that…

    My original “flower of southern womanhood” characterization was not meant to be ironic. But I guess it was anyway.

  16. Leatherwing Says:


    I don’t suspect that she is an exotic dancer. I don’t think strippers would say “He scared the mess out of me”. Aren’t they legally required to use more colorful language?

  17. MJM Says:

    Good, glad he is in trouble.

  18. Chas Says:

    Congratulations to a public servant who cut through the BS and just got the damn job done efficiently for the taxpayers. Would you rather read about how it took 19 months to serve her for not cutting her lawn? It was the neighborly thing for him to do, to check if everything was all right when she didn’t answer a knock on her unlocked door. This is small town America, where people are still people.
    We gunnies embarrass ourselves when we make everything out to be part of the very real, ongoing, big government conspiracy against our freedom. Sometimes, run-of-the-mill, local government officials are just ordinary people we deal with in our daily lives, who feel a responsibility to do the right thing. Sometimes, they’re just good people who are trying to do the right thing from moment to moment, with no guidance available to them other than their own hearts, because, sometimes, thatís all you have to go on as the situation unfolds, from moment to moment, and ultimately, you find that thatís just the way life works, for better or worse.

  19. Chas Says:

    Blow away some buffoon who happened to walk into your house, afer you left the door open? My doors are locked when I’m home. I simply don’t fancy intruders. Show up unannounced and uninvited and gunpoint is what you’ll get if you’re lucky.

  20. common sense Says:

    Lets not forget that the BTK serial killer was a code enforcement officer, and used his position to find victims. Just shoot the bastards and do society a favor.

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