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The TSA, again

Examine a container containing grandpa’s ashes, spill it and then laugh about it. They’re own rules say these are not to be opened.

Disband TSA now.

8 Responses to “The TSA, again”

  1. Ellen Says:

    If TSA doesn’t give a flying fig about you when you’re alive, why should they care when you’re dead?

  2. Jake Says:

    She laughed over spilling his grandfather’s ashes? I’d probably be in jail for assault, if it had been me, because there’s a very good chance I would have decked her.

    Disband the TSA. Tasers for everybody.

  3. Alien Says:

    Do not disband; abolish completely and prevent any employees from ever working in any position which involves contact with Americans ever again.

  4. Mike Says:

    Well, aren’t y’all just so darn cute?

    Now, tell me: WHO is going to disband the TSA? It’s not going to be Congress nor the President. Any plaintiff going through the courts will be smacked down as “No Standing”. So, who is going to do what?

    Every politician knows that beating on the TSA is ratings gold, but that DOING something to disband it will get you booted out of office.

    Get this through your skulls: the American people WANT the TSA. They want it because it makes them “feel” safe. They want it because they think it is effective. And they want it because it is the “new normal”. (It’s a given that the airlines want it because it’s their CYA to stay out of bankruptcy if an attack does occur.)

    The TSA is just a symptom, folks. Meditate, instead, on a People who not only allowed the creation of a TSA, but that welcomed it as an acceptable answer to a serious problem.

  5. Sigivald Says:

    Alien: Unconstitutional, and indeed anti-American, the latter.

    Mike: Why not Congress? The TSA is deeply unpopular with the people who care about it, which is to say people who fly. (Those who don’t care won’t vote someone out of Congress on the issue, and thus don’t matter in this context.)

    What the American people notionally want is “to feel safe while flying”.

    That the TSA sort-of-vaguely provides that does not mean the TSA cannot be abolished; it means it can be abolished if you provide something else that provides that feeling, which might not even be a Federal agency in the first place.

    (Nor need the airlines care, because either Congress can simply pass a law saying they’re immune in such a case and/or the replacement not-TSA security-theater-provider will take the same fall.)

  6. Beaumont Says:

    There is a way to fix this, should the political will exist to do so: place airport security under the Department of Defense, thus making all TSA personnel members of the military.

    Before anyone starts howling, consider this: they would be subject to ethical standards under the UCMJ, and to military fitness standards. When they failed, and almost all of them would, they could be court-martialed. No cushy pensions, no government union memberships.

  7. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    The rules also say the line screeners can ignore the guidelines and inspect what they want. They can also prohibit anything they want from being taken on board even if the irem is on the ok list.

  8. Mike Says:

    @Sigivald: Remember that this is a Congress that cannot even muster the political will to repeal the light bulb ban. More to the point, a Congress that cannot muster the will to stomp the EPA when that agency usurps Legislative Powers reserved to Congress has proven that it does not have the cojones to disband a federal agency. Don’t look to Congress for relief on this one, not unless the composition of that body changes drastically. In related news — Charlie Rangel is headed for re-election.

    @Beaumont: I can’t think of a better way to discredit the military than to assign them to search and grope American citizens at the airport. Whatever respect or goodwill the Institution has will be completely squandered. I also can’t think of a better way to normalize the idea of a military dictatorship in this country.

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