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Of he course he wants tax increases, he doesn’t pay his

I think Jon Stewart’s funny and I semi-regularly watch his show. His criticism of politicians and the press is biting and on point. And he rarely holds back. However, when called on some things he says, he often pulls the but I’m just a comedian line that no one buys.

He has, a few times, supported tax increases for the wealthy (whoever they are) on his show. As one of the 1%, he could write a check to the Treasury for whatever he thinks his fair share is. I’m guessing he doesn’t. He also, apparently, doesn’t always pay his taxes.

8 Responses to “Of he course he wants tax increases, he doesn’t pay his”

  1. Social Media Sebastian Says:



    Surely you have something better to do.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    So its okay to not pay taxes, as long as its just a little bit?

  3. Divemedic Says:

    That is why so many of the rich don’t mind when taxes go up. They have already made it, and can afford to hire an army of attorneys to dodge them. What taxing the rich does, is handicap the up and coming, and acts as a bar to anyone else becoming rich and competing with them.

  4. Social Media Sebastian Says:

    Yeah, that’s totally what I was saying.


  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    $476 sounds like nothing more than a rounding error.

    that being said, be it John Kerry illegally registering his boat in Rhode Island, or Timothy Geithner padding his tax returns with all sorts of illegal deductions. Or the “Progressive” with $200,000 in college debt, for their degree in 60s Protest Songs who are working at Starbucks, waiving a sign in the town square. It seems those who want “The Rich” to pay more in taxes, either don’t consider themselves “Rich” or have an angle to weasel their way out of the very taxes they want to level.

  6. Jack Says:

    Also how come none of these guys just cut a check to the Treasury? They pay enough into private foundations they support. And they make the claim that the State can spend taxpayer money even better… seems a no brainer.

    Why not figure out the percent “the rich” should pay and cut a giant check with that minus the amount you have to pay. Make a big show of it. Now you can lecture your fellow 1%’s with a big stick of “I do my part!”.

    Or do they view “shared sacrifice” as a “you go first” endeavor?

    This is like listening to a temperance store owner go on about the evils of demon booze but refuses to stop selling beer because it’ll cut into his profit margins.

  7. Social Media Sebastian Says:

    Because we don’t live in a volunteer society?

    Would be nice if we did, I’ll grant ya.

  8. Jack Says:

    If a person pushing for policy X cannot voluntarily abide by the rules of policy X before X is enacted then I have a hard time being convinced of their sincerity for X.

    This of course presumes that doing X is currently legal but not yet mandated.

    But in the case of someone who wants to pay *more* in taxes or someone who wants to prohibit the sale/and or possession of certain items… that they don’t put their money where their mouth is, is quite telling.

    Again, think of all the “street cred” someone like Stewart could mill if he made a big production of “paying his fair share”. But he doesn’t.

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